This Week's Favorite Floor Item - Paula Deen, Of Course - SOLD!

Let me just say, the more time I spend around Paula Deen furniture, the more of a fan I become.  Her designs are so all-purpose, with a design sensibility that works with the vast majority of American homes...whether they are rustic, traditional, coastal, lodge, or eclectic.   Take for instance, this weeks Favorite Floor Item...Paula's Down Home Kitchen Organizer, now on clearance at Carolina Rustica.  

First of all, its a cool vintage design, with aged brass pulls and little organizing tabs in front.  For compulsive organizers like myself, its a wonderful feature to have, especially as you can change out the tabs in the middle of the night when you realize that you've organized your photos by date and THEN region, when really, who travels by date?  So you get up at 3 am and resort your favorite travel photos by region and THEN date, front to back.  Anyway, I digress. 

Besides the organizing drawers, the cabinet space itself has more functionality than you can imagine, with a small bulletin board, a shelf for all of your pens, pencils, crayons (in our home), and most importantly, a key rack.   A key rack!  Finally, you can have one place where you and your spouse agree that the keys belong, rather than floating around on a counter somewhere.   There are also shelves which have metal trays for all of those loose things as well.  Again, in our family, that means "My Little Pony" accessories.

On the other door you've got two shelves for all of those priority bills or important letters.

I think the best thing about this cabinet, besides the accessible design, is the finish.  The Oatmeal finish is a very warm, slightly distressed wood finish that could blend with Pine, Maple, Oak, and light Cherry.   It also has a wonderful feel to it, like an old family piece that has had lots of hands, big and small, touching it over the generations.   

As with most floor items, we are selling this at a great price of $870 plus shipping.   Click here for more details on this Paula Deen furniture piece and then give us a call at 800-205-7819 to place your with all of my favorites, we only have one in stock!