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When Lexington Home Brands rolled out Henry Link Furniture last year, there was much fanfare from both the industry press and the design community.   Henry Link was one of the most far-reaching and innovative design concepts introduced by Lexington up to that point, which is really saying something.   With an homage to the founding company that became Lexington, Henry Link introduced a plethora of exotic and creative pieces that could be used as individual statement items or collectively as an extravagant design mode.   It really worked, catapulting sales and encouraging boutique retailers such as Carolina Rustica to set up mini-galleries within the confines of their own spaces. 

We want to return you to Henry Link just for a moment, as we do have some favorite pieces here on the floor and they are worth seeing.    Our favorite chair is, by far, the Sanctuary Wing Chair, pictured at right.   This is not only an incredibly comfortable chair (which is still the most important thing) but its got this great funky vibe with the leather cover on the wings, the tightly woven body and of course, the most excellent animal print.   It is really a cheerful piece...and for some reason, children who come into the store are instantly attracted to this chair.    They love the "Noah's Ark" meets "Lion King" motif of the fabric.

Another favorite can be seen peeking in the corner of that same photo, and is shown in another room scene at left.  The Henry Link Steamer Trunk is a perfect example of how an actual everyday item (well, not SO everyday) can be incorporated into functional and fun furniture.   It is, of course, designed upon the lines of the old-fashioned luggage that accompanied intrepid travelers on tramp steamers, propeller planes and open air buses packed with locals.    Now, its a creative vintage take on how travel used to be, while gracing your living room.   It has two drawers and is lined, to make sure your storage is safe and protected.  The exterior is leather and the hardware is solid brass.   This is a true heirloom piece.

Lastly we want to mention the Colton's Point Bed, which we have on our floor in a king size.  This magnificent bed has louvered panels in the headboard and footboard, with carved corbel supports on the corners and rails.   The finish is unique to Henry Link, a sort of weathered textured surface that could blend with coastal decor, country French or any lighter-themed design motif.   Its very substantial, and because of its straight lines, has appeal to both sides of the family.
Come by and visit our gallery sometime to enjoy exploring the world with Henry Link..or give us a call for some great pricing on items we have on the floor (800-205-7819)