's Newest Showroom!

How excited are we, now that our Showroom is now almost complete!  With lots of support from headquarters in Brighton (MI), we've been able to totally re-make Gallery I into the first North Carolina showroom of our parent company, who happens to be the largest online retailer of premium mattresses.   You can now find Sealy, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, and Simmons mattresses all neatly displayed in our spacious gallery.   We've got all of our floor models with complete information, including the famous US-Mattress Comfort Scale, which has set the industry standard in determining the perfect mattress for how you live and how you sleep.   We've taken the highlights of the scale and repeated them here:

Comfort Scale



Comfort Scale

Our 10 Point Scale: It's Easy to Use

Our Mattress Comfort Scale® is based on a standard 10-point scale and is superior to traditional mattress ratings. It is a tool for you to use when deciding which mattress you will find most comfortable. Keep in mind that the scale measures comfort, not support. It is important to understand the difference between comfort and support, as the comfort of a mattress is unrelated to the support your body receives from the inner structure. 

Comfort Scale Rating of 1: The Firmest of Mattresses

A mattress with a rating of 1 would give you the feeling of sleeping on your living room's carpeted floor. A rating of 1 does not really exist in bedding today. We have it at the base of our Comfort Scale for a reference point. It is very possible with the continuously increasing mattress technology in the industry today that a mattress with this level of hardness will become a reality. 

Comfort Scale Rating of 2 to 4: Hard, Like Sleeping on a Carpeted Floor

If you have no problem sleeping comfortably on your living room floor, and don't wake up with aches and pains, a mattress with a Comfort Scale rating of 2 to 4 would be ideal for you. These mattresses would feel hard to very hard.

Comfort Scale Rating of 4.5 to 6.5: Mid-Range, a Good Compromise

Mattresses in this category are great if you are in-between the other comfort ratings or your partner and you are on opposite sides of the Comfort Scale. Mattresses in this range make a great "compromise" mattress. If you just don't have a preference, then a Comfort Scale rating of 4.5 to 6.5 is good for you. 

Comfort Scale Rating of 7 to 9: Conforming Softness

Do you find yourself trying to increase the softness of your current mattress with a down feather mattress pad, or you just love the way a waterbed feels - then a mattress with a Comfort Scale rating of 7 to 9 would be ideal for you. These beds are soft! They are usually pillow tops, but some plush beds can be in this category too. 

Comfort Scale Rating of 10: Super Soft

A mattress with a rating of 10 would give you the impression of sleeping on a cloud. Obviously this is impossible. We also use the 10 rating as a reference point for the softest mattress you could possibly have. 

The other great feature of our showroom is that you will be able to take advantage of any of the special offers featured on the website, such as this great deal offered on Simmons Mattresses:

Simmons Mattress



Beautyrest mattresses have been improving people's quality of life by improving their quality of sleep, for over 125 years. Acquiring a top quality simmons mattress like this is like buying a luxury car. The standard model is great - but the more you can afford, the more pleasure you'll get out of it.

  Special Financing Available 

So give us a call at 800-205-7819 for more information on our mattress gallery, and of course, you can visit all 20,000 square feet of furniture and mattresses.   You can find directions to Carolina Rustica here.

Today's Featured Floor Favorite...Introducing Panama Jack

There seems to be a lot of these guys running around the tropics having a good old time, apparently designing fine furniture in between relaxing on the beach with cocktails!   Well, we have two of them in our galleries here at Carolina Rustica..both Tommy Bahama and his upstart cousin, Panama Jack.   You all know what fans we are of Tommy, of course, but we would love to familiarize you more with Jack.

 The themes are the same...a relaxed, upscale look with plenty of plantation influences.   However, whereas Tommy has embraced a more contemporary look these days, Panama Jack is firmly in the tropics, with the use of rattan and other woven materials complimenting the warm island tones.  The Island Breeze Collection really embodies this feel, with the crossing bamboo-style slats and the carved finials.   The King Bed is on our floor in Gallery II, and it really looks great.  We've got it accompanied by the full bedroom suite, including the Island Breeze Night Stand (shown at left) and dresser.  We've got this group accompanied by the Currey and Company Seeward Chandelier, and the look is positively Caribbean.   Or Pacific.   Or British Colonial.   That's the great thing about decorating with a tropical brings you back to your favorite island, no matter where in the world that may be.

So if you get the chance, come by our showroom to take a look at Panama Jack, put your feet up, take a breath, and we promise you will leave more relaxed!

Some Secret Clearance Deals for Blog Readers Only

As we move more inventory around (in our never-ending quest to finish out Gallery III...) we have found a few items that we are, quite honestly, very motivated to move.   They are in perfect or near-perfect condition, but they are either part of a set that sold (without them, sniff!) or they are miscellaneous items we have picked up from suppliers along the way.    The prices listed below are blog prices only.  To order, you will have to pick up the phone and call us at 800-205-7819 and mention the blog posting.   Happy bargain shopping!

Item #1:

VA-V285SD-storeFloor Sample on Clearance, Sold As Is as a set of four. Discontinued Manufacturer Floor Sample, over 

75% off

Size: 24 in. W x 45.5 in. H x 29.5 in. D
Lead Time: Approx. 28-42 Days
$999.00 BLOG PRICE: $699 plus shipping

Item #2:


Unbelievable Savings on a Hickroy White - Hekman Combination Floor Sample on Clearance. Shipping Additional
Size: Table 54 in. Diam x 30 in. High, Side Chairs 23.5 in. W x 25 in. D x 38.5 in. H
Lead Time: Call for Availability 800-205-7819
$1,999.00 BLOG PRICE: $1,699 plus shipping

Item #3:

Show Room Sample. Sold As Is. Shipping Additional.
Size: 49 in. W x 32 in. D x 20 in. H
$990.00  BLOG PRICE: $699 plus shipping