Fine Furniture Design is Back!

Its always gratifying when we can re-connect with some of our favorite suppliers, which is the case with Fine Furniture Design.  This manufacturer, though not yet a household name, creates some of the nicest heirloom-quality furniture we have seen in their price category.   Their attention to detail is outstanding, and while they excel in traditional to transitional designs, they also have some plantation and contemporary groups as well.  We will explore a few here, to highlight the diversity of the overall portfolio and hopefully give you some decorating ideas in the process.   The four groups we will look at are Antebellum and Sunset Canyon (traditional), Palm Island (Plantation) and Cachet (Transitional to Contemporary).

Antebellum is one of their longest-standing groups and continue to do outstanding at the furniture market. The group is made from walnut solids, with maple and ebony inlay veneers.  The finish for this group is called Hermitage. In addition, the group has a classic Black and Gold finish, which reflects the traditional Continental influence of the collection.  With details such as sculpted case good fronts, with contrasting inlays of maple and ebony.    This traditional collection is truly a perfect fusion of craftsmanship and reflects a more poignant era that valued traditional woodworking and furniture finish skills.

Sunset Canyon is still a traditional collection, but unlike Antebellum, it is more relaxed with some transitional influences born out of California trends in home design.   Many homeowners prefer the more casual lifestyle that is projected from collections like Sunset Canyon, particularly empty-nesters who don't necessarily have those big family gatherings anymore.  The finish in this group is called Malibu, naturally enough, and it is a hand-rubbed finish on beautifully crafted alder veneers with some distressing on the tops.   The other great thing about this group is the use of accent metal on certain pieces along with some travertine (stone) tops.

Plantation-Style furniture is really increasing in popularity, with its relaxed island-inspired feel and the images it conveys of long weekends at the beach and an aspirational lifestyle. After all, who wouldn't want their life to be one, long weekend?  Here at Carolina Rustica, we have have half a dozen manufacturers of plantation-style furniture, and FFD's entry with Palm Island is a strong contender with our other island-oriented collections.  The finish on Palm Island is called Bali, and it is in a more casual tone that compliments the primavera veneers and hardwood solids to give this group a natural sun-bleached feel.  This bed has a woven padded twill with woven rattan which makes it very comfortable.

Last but not least, we have the occasional group of Cachet, with has both mid-century modern influences and some transitional elements as well, making it the perfect group for homeowners who want to select one individual piece at a time to customize the look of their living space.  Not everyone like to have matching suites, after all, and Cachet is a great way to give your room a curated collection feel. The silhouettes, finishes, and variety of treatments in this group allow it to be mixed and matched with itself, or other FFD collections.

We hope you take a look at Fine Furniture Design...they really are a quality manufacturer and a great choice for the upscale homeowner who wants heirloom quality furniture that makes a statement on its own.

Our Designer Rewards Program

A big part of our business here at Carolina Rustica is "to the trade", meaning, to accredited designers working on behalf of clients (or sometimes themselves).  Two of the largest nationwide organizations that educate, certify, and advocate for designers are:

 The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

Carolina Rustica is proud to be a Industry Partner with both of these outstanding organizations, and to offer their members nationwide automatic participation in our Designer Rewards Program detailed below:

Designer Rewards Program

Welcome to the Designer Rewards Program for Carolina Rustica and our family of websites.
As a member, you will enjoy benefits like:

  1. • 10% - 15% discount with our Tier Program*
  2. • Personalized Service
  3. • Exclusive sale and promotions for you and your clients
*Discount tiers refer to purchases made during a 12-month period (year to be measured from membership start date). Once a new tier amount is reached, the new discount rate goes into effect for 12 months. 

Member Benefits:
  1. • No minimum purchase required
  2. • We process the orders, set up delivery, and handle customer service so you can focus on design and building your clientele
  3. • All of our products can be found online with detailed descriptions and pictures giving you instant, 24-hour access. Can’t get on the internet? Contact the Designer Rewards Manager directly or contact our Sales staff 7 days a week by phone or chat
  4. • With our detailed “Narrow Your Search” toolbar, you can find your product in seconds, giving you more time to devote to your clients’ needs
  5. • Pay NO Sales Tax (excludes MI, OH, UT, NC, & IN)

Begin your Membership!
Apply Online providing one or more documents from this list:
  1. • Business license # with your trade name
  2. • Resale Certificate # with your trade name
  3. • Designer certification & proof of professional affiliation
  4. • Website and/or advertisement

Apply Online Today!

Contact: Kristi Day - Designer Rewards Manager
Phone: 1.810.225.4944 ext. 7221
Fax: 810.229.2388

Hooker Furniture's Most Recent Collections

Hooker Furniture has always been one of our most steadfast suppliers, consistently introducing fashionable, well-built furniture at a price point that appeals to homeowners across the board.

The Estate collection is a new approach to antiques-inspired furniture design. Estate is an antiques upgrade that re-vitalizes vintage. Estate achieves an unexpected freshness through a diverse blend of multiple finishes and wood veneers, but retains many classic antique elements

Speaking of Classic….the beautiful medium chestnut colored finish on primavera veneers in Hooker’s Classique collection speak to this in volumes. Classique's offering of bedroom, dining room, and home entertainment furniture along with living room tables and writing desks presents an updated and casual approach to exquisite traditional forms.  The beautiful primavera veneers are complimented by crotch okume veneers which are used on signature pieces for added impact.

Lorimer is a collection that blends contemporary and clean design with a warm, casual finish.  This more modest approach is enhanced by soft, breakfront shaped silhouettes and metal on selected pieces.

Of course, every new offering has to have a transitional group, and we find the metropolitan and modern attitude of Ludlow just such a feature.  The collection is distinguished by an intriguing walnut veneer story and hip fretwork detail. The simple symmetry of Ludlow's Macintosh-inspired fretwork offers sophisticated yet tranquil design.

The groundbreaking Rhapsody collection brings together classic design elements, grand scale, and a relaxed rustic finish to create an impassioned marriage of casual opulence. Exuberant scale and serpentine shapes infuse the pieces with emotion, while timeless motifs like scrolls, rope twist molding, the acanthus leaf and fleur-de-lis anchor Rhapsody in old world charm. Building on the grand scale and classic European design is the defining element of the collection: a walnut-colored finish inspired by the natural yet rustic nature of reclaimed woods in beautiful patinas.

We also love Sheridan , which evokes the charm of an Old World chateau in a casual and unpretentious way. Generously scaled with soft, rounded posts on the case pieces, Sheridan's breathtaking finish is what sets it apart. Sheridan is crafted of mahogany solids and veneers with a highly rubbed finish with a waxed patina, hand planing and physical distressing for the feel of an antique that has been buffed and polished. Sheridan's bedroom and dining furniture, along with living room tables and home entertainment pieces, and home office, offer your home quality, style and distinction.

Click on any of the collection images below to go straight to Hooker Furniture's website, or just give us a call at 800-205-7819 for more information.

Sheridan Lorimer
Sheridan Lorimer
Classique Primrose Hill
Classique Primrose Hill
Estate Rhapsody
Estate Rhapsody

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