Our Designer Rewards Program

A big part of our business here at Carolina Rustica is "to the trade", meaning, to accredited designers working on behalf of clients (or sometimes themselves).  Two of the largest nationwide organizations that educate, certify, and advocate for designers are:

 The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

Carolina Rustica is proud to be a Industry Partner with both of these outstanding organizations, and to offer their members nationwide automatic participation in our Designer Rewards Program detailed below:

Designer Rewards Program

Welcome to the Designer Rewards Program for Carolina Rustica and our family of websites.
As a member, you will enjoy benefits like:

  1. • 10% - 15% discount with our Tier Program*
  2. • Personalized Service
  3. • Exclusive sale and promotions for you and your clients
*Discount tiers refer to purchases made during a 12-month period (year to be measured from membership start date). Once a new tier amount is reached, the new discount rate goes into effect for 12 months. 

Member Benefits:
  1. • No minimum purchase required
  2. • We process the orders, set up delivery, and handle customer service so you can focus on design and building your clientele
  3. • All of our products can be found online with detailed descriptions and pictures giving you instant, 24-hour access. Can’t get on the internet? Contact the Designer Rewards Manager directly or contact our Sales staff 7 days a week by phone or chat
  4. • With our detailed “Narrow Your Search” toolbar, you can find your product in seconds, giving you more time to devote to your clients’ needs
  5. • Pay NO Sales Tax (excludes MI, OH, UT, NC, & IN)

Begin your Membership!
Apply Online providing one or more documents from this list:
  1. • Business license # with your trade name
  2. • Resale Certificate # with your trade name
  3. • Designer certification & proof of professional affiliation
  4. • Website and/or advertisement

Apply Online Today!

Contact: Kristi Day - Designer Rewards Manager
Phone: 1.810.225.4944 ext. 7221
Email: kristina@us-mattress.net
Fax: 810.229.2388