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Being in the business for 15 years, you think you know most manufactuers.  Then, one of our sales reps will introduce us to someone we don't know (for whatever reason), and we will begin the process of evaluating that brand to see if it adds value to our website, and hence, our customers.   I am delighted that we were introduced to Sligh Furniture at the market before last.  They have some of the most beautiful and diverse home office and entertainment furniture I have ever seen.  From the extremely popular Laredo Collection, shown at left, to the sleek lines of the Umber Console, Sligh has a fashionable home entertainment console choice for you!  The greatest thing about Sligh is the thoughtful design they put into each piece.  They are created for almost any decor imaginable, from Tuscan to Ranch to Contemporary, but each piece is properly ventilated and designed to hold the maximum number of components and media. 

One of my favorite aspects is that each is available with the StrongArm, a stylish innovative steel bracket that adapts to most Sligh TV consoles. This allows flat panel TV's to be suspended above the cabinet surface. It Articulates left or right 10 degrees to reduce sun glare.  As anyone who's had a flat panel TV mounted to a wall can attest, it's a headache: A hole in the wall, pulling through electrical wires, making sure the TV looks straight. It's expensive, and permanently positions your TV in one place. No flexibility as your lifestyle and interior design scheme evolves. But, people like the look of a TV floating above their TV console. The Sligh StrongArm® Solution Sligh's 9000-1-BL StrongArm suspends your flat panel TV above your Sligh TV console in an aesthetically pleasing way, without the headaches of wall mounting. It adjusts up and down, articulates side to side to avoid glare and even tilts to accomplish appropriate ergonomics. When you want to move your TV and TV console to another part of the room, no problem (and no hole in the wall!). You can see a picture of the StrongArm Here

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Personlly, I love the Alante TV console, shown at right.  This kind of sophisticated TV console not only blends in with  upscale decor, but it actually makes the TV look better (according to my daughter). Here are some more specs: 
Available in Sligh's Exclusive Alante Finish. Left and right hinged doors conceal one stationary shelf. Center hinged doors conceal one adjustable wood shelf. Surge suppressor. Infrared Smart Eye allows for remote control of concealed electronic components. Cord management. Heat escapement. Accommodates Sligh Strong Arm and Sligh Smart Fan. Accommodates televisions up to: 54 in. W x 17 in. D Overall Size: 72 in. W x 24 3/4 in. D x 28 1/4 in. H.

Rustic Cedar Natural Furniture - Cushions!

Rolls of FabricRustic Natural Cedar Furniture Co. prides themselves on manufacturing quality furniture that is durable, affordable, and most importantly, comfortable. But even the most ergonomically designed furniture can be lacking. That's why they carry a complete line of high-quality, durable, and of course, comfortable cushions to fit each piece of furniture the sell.

Their cushions are primarily manufactured from top of the line Sunbrella™ fabric which, as any cushion connoisseur knows, is the leading fabric for sun and weather resistance.  Their cushions will last more than 5 years outdoors in almost any climate. Not only is Sunbrella™ the best fabric for weather and fade resistance, but it is also offered in dozens of vibrant, appealing colors and patterns.  While the advertise only a small selection of Sunbrella's ™ fabrics, the can manufacture cushions in any pattern or color that they make.  For details on custom orders call us at (800) 205-7819
Their cushions are manufactured with lock stitch seams and tough zippers to last for years. Hand crafted in West Warwick, Rhode Island, their cushions will always have matching seams and patterns thanks to the careful attention and nimble fingers of the staff that manufactures them. 

Cushions for their line of cedar furniture are cut, sewn, and assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality product for you. Each step is carefully executed to eliminate problems and mistakes. 
The Process...
Fabric Cut
First, the fabric is chosen and placed on a template. The fabric is then cut with a specialized saw and matched with the rest of the pieces for that cushion. The fabric is then sewn by hand to ensure that all stripes and patterns are set in the right direction.  Any zippers, tubing, or ties are attached to the fabric and any strings or extra fabric is snipped off.
While the fabric shell is being sewn, the foam filling is being made. The foam enters the facility in large blocks and has to be cut down to the proper size. 
A large machine is used to cut the large blocks into manageable pieces.The smaller blocks are then cut, using the same specialized saw and a pattern, to the proper size for the cushion.
Foam ready
 Once the foam and fabric shell are completed, they are brought to be put together. The foam filling is lined with a softer piece of batting that enhances the comfort of the finished product. The foam filler is then compressed to a very small size and the fabric is slipped around it. The foam is then allowed to expand to its original size and filled into the corners by hand. This process ensures that your cushions will be consistently soft and fit onto your furniture.  

Once the foam has been inserted to the fabric shell, it is zipped up and placed in a plastic covering. The plastic helps the cushion stay clean until it arrives at its final destination. 

The cushions are packed into boxes and shipped all over the US. Unlike other cushion manufacturers, they never fold or roll their cushions so they always arrive to you in pristine condition without creases or wrinkles. 

Rustic Cedar Furniture Cushion Care Column and Facts
Q. What should I recommend for care instructions on the outdoor cushion line?
 A. General or light cleaning as follows:

-Brush off any loose dirt.
-Prepare a cleaning solution of 2 ounces (1/4 cup) mild soap per gallon of lukewarm water (less than 100°F/38°C).
-Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean.
-Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric.
-Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
-Allow fabric to air dry. 

Fact: All of  Rustic Cedar Furniture's solid and stripe cushions are

-Mildew Resistant
-UV Treated
-Water Resistant
-Tear Resistant
Fact: All of our floral fabrics are Spun Polyester Prints. 


Q. What kind of warranty do the outdoor cushions have?
A. The outdoor cushions carry a one year manufacturing warranty.

Q. What are the outdoor cushions filled with?
A. 100% urethane foam core with 100% Polyester  wrap 

Q. Where are our outdoor cushions manufactured
A. They are manufactured in America 

Introducing our Mobile Shopping Site by MShopper

Carolina Rustica is at the forefront as retail websites move from traditional online stores to engaging customers in social media and mobile applications. We are proud to announce our mobile e-commerce site, found by clicking this link. This will allow us to reach out to the rapidly growing, mobile-saavy customer base, one that is upscale but adept at shopping online via hand-held devices.

Here is a press release from mShopper, the application developer of  our mobile site technology:

BOULDER, CO. JULY 14, 2010 --- mShopper®, an emerging leader in mobile commerce, today announced a beta test of its self-service, SaaS, B2B Mobile Commerce Platform™. mShopper’s goal, according to company officials, is to allow retailers of all sizes to design and launch a customized mobile commerce application in hours, not months.  Carolina Rustica was one of the beta testers of mShopper, and now has the platform fully integrated with its website operations.

MShopper emphasizes the overall simplicity of its platform. Merchants follow a self-service wizard to upload their existing product data feeds, design custom branded mStores™, merchandise their hot deals, market their mStore with text alerts, and measure performance using built-in analytics. A fully versioned iPhone, Blackberry, and Android compatible mStore can be launched, according to mShopper, in under two hours, without any development, technical resources, or up-front investment. MShopper’s CEO, David Gould, commented on a recent Forrester Research study. “The report found that 74% of the surveyed retailers had a mobile strategy or had plans to develop one, and spent an average of $170,000 to launch a mobile site.” Mr. Gould continued: “mShopper can launch an elegant mobile commerce solution for merchants in hours for less than $100. We save retailers tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary investment and guarantee that they can have a store now, in time for the current back-to-school season.”

According to Mr. Gould, “mShopper’s mission is to generate mobile revenues and ROI for its merchants, not just build them an mStore. At the end of the day, it’s not about technology enablement; it’s about sales. In fact, our pricing is structured so that we really only get paid when we succeed in driving sales and ROI for our merchants.”

The company points out that its Mobile Commerce Platform includes a suite of self-service marketing tools that merchants use to promote their stores. GetFirstDibs™ represents mShopper’s patent-pending, SMS-based, consumer outreach tool. It allows merchants to build a database of fully permissioned mobile numbers and then send mobile alerts and special offers to this opted-in consumer group. In addition to mobile website creation, mShopper will provide merchants with downloadable apps available from the popular app stores: Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

mShopper’s beta program began in May in partnership with MerchantAdvantage. It launched with retailers representing electronics, apparel, automotive, home furnishings, and beauty products. Beta merchants include Beach Camera, SmartMomma, and Surfside Sports, among others. At the conclusion, August 1, full commercial implementation will follow to provide merchants custom mStores before Q4.

“Our timing is perfect,” Mr. Gould added. “Most retailers understand that their shoppers are spending considerable time researching products on their mobile phones. However, only 12% of the top 500 Internet retailers have optimized their sites for mobile phones. This represents a huge growth opportunity.”

“Until now, going mobile has been incredibly difficult,” Mr. Gould continued. “Retailers had to contend with the complexity of platforms, interfaces, and browsers; not to mention the unique needs of their easily distracted, multi-tasking mobile shopper. mShopper took these challenges into account when creating the Mobile Commerce Platform.” In conclusion, he added: “We love our clients and love making money for them. We cannot wait until the 2010 holiday season.”

Bradington-Young: An American Icon in Leather Furniture

We are so proud to be carrying Bradington-Young, an American manufacturer based here in North Carolina with an outstanding reputation for quality, comfort, and integrity.

Comfort Never Looked So Good

Connecting with those you care about in a comfortable environment has never been more important to you. At Bradington-Young, They are dedicated to providing luxurious seating comfort in fine leather upholstery that will help you relax and connect in your family room, living room or home theater.

At Bradington-Young, it all began over 25 years ago with one simple philosophy: “Build high quality products for a fair price.” A humble beginning, combined with a burning desire to be the very best, molded Bradington-Young into the premier furniture manufacturer it is today.

Operating as a complete upholstery resource with a special dedication to leather, They offer an extremely diverse palette of styles and covers. Traditional, transitional, classic or retro – whatever the style – each piece is meticulously hand-crafted with the enduring quality that distinguishes Bradington-Young as an industry leader.

To complement their extensive product line that includes upscale recliners, club chairs, sofas and loveseats and reclining sofas and sectionals, They offer over 250 leathers and 300 fabrics. They shop the world over for leather and fabrics to ensure that their covers represent long-lasting quality and value.

Bradington-Young Furniture Company was founded in 1978 by Mr. Charles Young. The company started as a family owned and operated business and is continuing the family-operated business model with the second generation.

Bradington-Young started the company with four recliners and twenty-five fabrics. Today the company offers a complete line of fine leather upholstery. Although the largest portion of the company's sales are in leather upholstery, Bradington-Young offers an array of beautiful upholstery fabrics as well. Recliners and old-fashioned eight-way hand tied upholstery are the specialties of this company; affording exceptional comfort and unique styling in every piece produced.

Bradington-Young's fine leather upholstery is manufactured in North Carolina by craftsmen whose skill and talent are apparent in the execution of this fine furniture. Their skillful artistry, along with high quality raw materials, provide the value which is inherent in every piece of the beautiful leather furniture shipped from this outstanding American company. Learn More About Leather Furniture.

Shop Bradington-Young Leather Furniture Now! or view their products by category:

Recliners Sofas Sectionals Decorative Ottomans
Club Chairs Swivel Tub Chairs Home Theater Office Chairs

Each style begins with a simple sketch. Their skilled artisans then carefully construct the frames from only the finest kiln-dried select hardwoods. their sofas, loveseats and chairs feature genuine eight-way hand tied custom coil construction that is unsurpassed in terms of comfort and lasting quality. All of their reclining pieces, whether single or multiple seat, offer a deeply luxurious ride unparalleled within the industry.

Whether your desire is stationary or motion upholstery, the result is the same. Bradington-Young’s furniture is designed and engineered with enduring quality, outstanding comfort and timeless styling.

Mission Statement

"Bradington-Young's corporate mission is to build a "World Class" consumer products company distinguished by the integrity of Their products, presentation, value, service, and people. They will emphasize the use of Their combined resTheirces for the benefit of Their customers, Their associates, Their vendors, Their owners, and be a contributor to the communities, state and nation in which They live and work."

Product Integrity Means Quality that Endures
To insure lifetime stability, all Bradington-Young frames are constructed of kiln-dried selected hardwoods that are precision machined. Their "seat pleaser" coil spring seat foundation unit provides the most even and comfortable seating available in motion furniture today.

All corners and joints of their products are double doweled, blocked, glued and screwed into position for strength. For added durability, they add steel "L" brackets.Each mechanism is cycle tested to ensure years of trouble-free comfort and easy, fluid operation.

The benchmark of quality stationary is eight-way hand tied construction, unsurpassed in terms of comfort and lasting quality. They use only the most premium, select leathers from resources around the world. Well over 250 leather selections comprise a breathtaking palette of colors and textures, all supple, natural and top grain.

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