Some Great Wood Definitions by Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Furniture, one of our finest manufacturers of wood and upholstered furniture, has some great documentation on the types of woods used in their diverse collections. Click here for more information on Vanguard Furniture's collection on our website. We are introducing Vanguard Furniture collection-by-collection, starting with the popular Michael Weiss Collection. Featuring styles under the Modernism and Classics collections, furniture by Juilliard-trained designer Michael Weiss is a study in the seamless blending of contrasts. Clean, sleek lines and classic geometric forms are presented in refreshing and dramatic modern designs. Click here to view Michael Weiss on our website. We also feature complimentary upholstery collections made by Vanguard that will blend with Michael Weiss or Annie Selke, another great collection recently introduced by Vanguard Furniture (Thom Felicia is the most recent, from last market)

Here are some great definitions on wood types used by Vanguard:

Alder Solids:
Hard, strong wood that can be stained to imitate walnut
and mahogany. Also has a maple-like figure. Is cherry-like
in appearance.
Very hard wood that takes finishes well. It has a distinctive,
open grain with occasional brown streaks. Usually creamy
white to light brown, sometimes used as an oak substitute.
Birch Solids:
One of the strongest American woods, it is heavy, fairly stiff
and hard, and rather tough. The grain is fine and close and
it takes fine finishes well.
A hard and sturdy wood with a reddish-brown tone and tight,
straight grain. Cherry resists warping and checking and is
easily worked. It is used in 18th century American and
French styles, both as a solid and veneer.
Extremely tough and strong wood, yet has a flexible
characteristic that enables the wood to be worked in
manufacturing. It will take a finish well. The color ranges
from pale yellow to yellowish brown.
A very dense hardwood that is durable and takes finishes well,
but can be difficult to work with. It has a dark grain
that ranges from dark brown to dark black.
Mahogany Solids :
Grade for grade, mahogany is superior to any other cabinet
wood in freedom from defect. It is relatively hard, works
well, highly lustrous, durable, and carves and finishes well.
It ranges in color from salmon to dark red.
Hard and strong wood, resistant to shock, takes finishes well.
Fine, closed grain, bird’s eye grain possible as well. Creamy
white to off white, sometimes with reddish or greenish
brown tints.
Oak Solids:
Very strong, hard and durable wood that holds screws and
nails well. Its color ranges from pale grayish-brown to ochre
with a coarse grain structure featuring vertical rays or lines.
Pine Solids:
A soft wood with a fine, uniform texture and straight grain.
Creamy white, pale yellow or light brown heartwood that
yellows with age.
Often used as an accent veneer, it comes in various shades
of dark brown with conspicuous dark streaks. It takes a fine
finish and has a slight milky rose aroma.
Rubberwood Solids:
Moderately heavy wood that is uniform in structure. Results
in a mostly straight grain with clear, attractive patterns. The
color ranges from pale cream to yellowish brown.
Known for its pale gold color, and rippled and mottled
pattern — the “bee’s wing” pattern. Used primarily as
a veneer.
Walnut Solids:
Walnut has remarkable fidelity and is well-suited to carving.
It has a pleasing grain and a characteristic wavy pattern.
Three main varieties are used:
• African Walnut: Bronze, yellow-brown wood with
irregular dark lines.
• Asian Walnut: Softer, coarser and paler in color than
the American variety
• American Walnut: a dark, hard wood varying from
a purplish black to a rich red brown
White Oak:
A strong, hard-wearing wood with a pronounced texture and
grain patterns. Sound knots and pin knots are common,
adding character and enhancing grain movement. It is used
in a broad range of styles, both as a solid and veneer.

Specialty Materials:
Abacus Rope
Derived from the fiber of the leaf-stem of a plant native to
the Philippines. It is closely related to and resembles the
common, cultivated, banana plant and is sometimes called
“Manilla hemp”. When new and untreated it is deep goldenbrown
in color. The rope is flexible, durable, strong, and
stands up well to wear and weather.
Technically not a wood species-- it is classified as a grass
that is much denser, and therefore stronger than hardwoods.
It also grows much faster than hardwoods, making it an easily
replenishable resource. The thin outside green layer is highdensity
silicon that yields hardness equivalent to hardwoods
and a smooth surface of wax like material. The thicker inside
yellow layer is loose and fragile.
Coco Twig
Short, knobby sticks taken from the coconut plant which are
then laminated to plywood substrates and sanded down to
smooth surface.
Coconut Bark
Bark taken from coconuts and cut into square tiles, then
laminated onto plywood substrates.
Palm Wood
Timber taken from coconut palm trees that are felled once
their fruit-bearing age is passed. The outer layer is very dense
and hard, and the wood does not have age lines, knots or
other imperfections. Non-porous and impervious to woodboring
insects. Color ranges from golden to near ebony, with
dark brown flecks.
Onion Skin
Dried onion skin that is laminated to plywood substrates.
Fibers from tropical palm trees that have good strength
and stretch.
A vine-like plant that grows abundantly in a long slender stem
with a uniform diameter along its length. It is not hollow or
brittle like bamboo, and becomes quite pliable when heated,
but retains the shape when it cools. It does not take color, but
can be varnished or lacquered.
Water Hyacinth:
An aquatic plant which lives and reproduces rapidly while
floating freely on the surface of fresh waters. Native to
tropical South America, but has since proliferated extensively
throughout the world, especially in South East Asia. The
stalks, when dried completely, can be woven into ropes
for added strength.
The term Wicker is used to describe the weaving of
materials such as Cane, Sea Grass, Willow, Bamboo or
other natural products.

Veneer Characteristics:
Technically, a veneer is simply a thin surface layer glued to a core, such as Formica. However, in quality furniture construction, and featured on many antiques, decorative wood veneers are used to create inlaid patterns. Exotic and expensive woods, such as rosewood and satinwood are incorporated to add grain interest. Veneered construction adds value to the case piece by enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and the dimensional stability. Veneering also provides for the freedom of design for curved areas such as bombay fronts or doors which require extra strength and stability.

Wesley Allen Beds

Since 1976, Wesley Allen iron beds have graced some of the world's most elegant showcases and bedrooms. Classic craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing come together to deliver the perfect balance of form and function. Each Wesley Allen iron bed offers its own distinctive look, feel, color and texture making them highly desirable to collectors, decorators and customers alike. You can find all of Wesley Allens beds here on our site at Carolina Rustica.

With over 100 original designs available in over 45 finishes, Wesley Allen iron beds are available in a variety of configurations to blend beautifully into your living environment and lifestyle. With a flawless reputation for quality and style, this collection of fine beds offers a distinctive originality that has earned Wesley Allen its place as one of the finest iron bed manufacturers in the world.

UniBody Construction
Handcrafted quality. Without compromise. A Wesley Allen trademark. Starting with heavy gauge iron, our skilled craftsmen meticulously weld each piece together paying close attention to detail. Then, each decorative casting is hand-poured directly over the welded iron to create an exceptionally solid one-piece bed. Our process produces a bed that is the perfect balance of strength and beauty. And it's just another example of our dedication to producing what we consider to be the world's finest iron bed.

Wesley Allen's Exclusive PowerBond™ Finish
Without a doubt, the most durable finish available on any bed. Powder paint specifically prepared for your order is electro statically applied by expert colorists to meet or exceed our highest standards. The bed is then baked in specialty ovens where extremely high temperatures produce a PowerBond finish of superior durability and richness.

Over 45 Finishes
The character of your Wesley Allen bed comes to life as our talented artisans create the finish you've selected for your bed. Each finish is hand-applied, layer upon layer, to create a distinctive look that is yours, and yours alone. From start to finish, the Wesley Allen iron bed you purchase is truly one-of-a-kind.

Wesley Allen's Patented Millennium™ Frames
Considered the strongest bed frames in the industry, each Wesley Allen Millennium frame is engineered using high gauge steel. Carefully designed to ensure durability and strength, each frame supplies different points of stress support for maximum stability and mattress support.

A Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Wesley Allen iron beds and iron furniture come with a limited lifetime warranty

Testimonials for Wesley Allen Beds:

"We LOVE our Wesley Allen bed. The compliments are numerous and the quality is exquisite."

"The bed came in as promised and was just as seen in the catalog. We are extremely happy with it. It is a beautiful work of art."

"I have shown this bed to many people and have highly recommended it. I especially like the bonnet top."

"I recently remodeled virtually every room in my home. I was thrilled to find the exact bed online - I knew immediately that was THE one for the guest room! It is by far my favorite room. The powder coating is excellent and I get compliments all the time on how stunning it looks."

"We absolutely love our bed. The quality of work is excellent. We will stick to Wesley Allen for future purchases."

"I love our bed and consider it an item we would pass down one day to our children."

"The reason I purchased a Wesley Allen Bed (actually 2 beds) was because of their design and quality...I wanted something simple and elegant and very sturdy and found that in the Wesley Allen selection. I am very happy with my purchases...wonderful quality!!!!"

"The daybed is very classy, upscale and beautifully made. I love the old fashioned look it has and am proud to own it."

Find Wesley Allen Beds Here!

Comfort Design Furniture

In an era of booming creativity and choice...Shoppers today are customizing purchases towards their individual expression like never before. From iPods to cars to home furnishings, we know you expect detailed options. How else could you find that special piece of furniture that perfectly suits your lifestyle? Browse the outstanding choices of Comfort Design Furniture and chances are we have what you're looking for.We know you expect quality...We're confident that that their motion and stationary home furnishings will meet your expectations with a variety of options in superior design and high-caliber construction. At Comfort Design, quality is the most important component they build into every piece of furniture they at home. They are extremely proud to say that all of their motion and stationary furniture is hand crafted in North Carolina by the finest American artisans.
Here at Carolina Rustica, we are experts at motion furniture, being one of the largest Barcalounger retailers in the country. Although Comfort Designs is a relatively new company, we are sure they are going to be equally successful. Give us a call at 800-205-7819 for more information on Comfort Design Furniture Today!

One Of America's Finest Furniture Manufacturers: Hickory White

Over the last six months, we have been growing at a rate that has surprised even us, given all the bad news in consumer spending. By adding high-end home furnishings manufacturers as great prices, we have overcome the economic slowdown and made lots of new customers happy with product introductions.

We are therefore particularly proud to introduce Hickory White Furniture to our customers. With over 100 years experience in crafting the finest home furnishings, Hickory White offers what every discerning furniture buyer is interested in… today’s style statement, hand-tailored and hand-crafted by skilled artisans. All Hickory White furniture is made of carefully chosen wood veneers and solids that will stand the test of time. Each piece is crafted by cabinet makers skilled in the art of joinery, and customized with multi-step hand-rubbed, distressed, padded or striped finishes.
Hickory White offers four unique "folios" of collections, from Gramercy in Folio One, blending traditional charm with contemporary panache to create a stunning transitional collection, to King's Row of Folio Four, bringing the time honored mystique of European aristocracy to your home. We are sure you will be as impressed as we are with the amazing variety and quality of American-made Hickory White Furniture. We anticipate having their collections on our site by January 2010.

How Excited Are We About Vanguard Furniture?

Answer...VERY Excited! At the last High Point market, which ended only two weeks ago, we were delighted to finally open with Vanguard Furniture. We love their approach to design...simple, livable, accessible, but outstanding quality. They provide unlimited choices for upholstery with their American Bungalow Collection, which lets you build your sofa or loveseat from the ground up. Vanguard has four outstanding designer collections, described below. Although we do not have any of these products live on our website, please call us at 800-205-7819 for pricing on any Vanguard Furniture item

Thom Felicia:

Thom Filicia Home Collection is a multifaceted collection that includes a mix of living, dining and bedroom pieces, occasional chairs, cocktail and occasional tables, upholstered pieces and textiles. The new home collection captures Thom Filicia's classic simplicity and injects an unexpected, modern flair. With a fresh yet timeless approach to design, the collection balances elements in unique and beautiful ways. Refined details mix with raw edges, industrial plays against organic, and materials, textures and palettes are used in unexpected ways.

Michael Wiess:

Featuring styles under the Modernism and Classics collections, furniture by Juilliard-trained designer Michael Weiss is a study in the seamless blending of contrasts. Clean, sleek lines and classic geometric forms are presented in refreshing and dramatic modern designs. Modernism is a collection of contemporary styles with energy and fluidity, while Classics is a free form, artistic mix of historical influences, inspired by classic taste and style.

Annie Selke:
A celebrated pioneer of color and comfort, Annie Selke offers an approach to design that reminds us our homes are meant to be lived in comfortably and enjoyed. With Annie Selke Home, she fully executes her longtime vision of creating a total finished environment. A vision begun with bedding, rugs, tabletop and accessories now branches to include 80 new pieces of furniture for living room, dining room and bedroom, along with bold, richly patterned fabric and trim. Fabulous, functional and designed with real life living in mind, Annie Selke Home encourages the playful mixing and matching that makes homes unique.

Bloomsbury by Blake Tovin:
The Bloomsbury Group explored alternative ways of living and fresh ideas in the arts and social sciences. Their collective spirit of collaboration, community, and inquiry spawned the creation of diverse works including literature, economics, and art.
Drawing upon the creative influences of the Bloomsbury Group, Blake Tovin has designed a home furnishings collection exclusively for Vanguard Furniture. This collection embodies the spirit of the Bloomsbury Group executed in a modern day sensibility.

Please call us at 800-205-7819 for pricing on any Vanguard Furniture item

Welcome Kincaid Furniture!

Kincaid Furniture has been around a long time, but they are new to us! We are really excited about adding this wonderful new furniture manufacturer to our floor and online. Kincaid is one of the storied, North Carolina furniture brand names that has endured for decades with good reason. Their product line is varied, but quality built and incredibly affordable.

It's been said that "things aren't made the way they used to be," but at Kincaid, that's not exactly true. While several enhancements have been made since their beginnings in 1946, they still use solid wood construction, wood-on-wood drawer movement, and hand rubbed finishes to craft their wood furniture. And the same can be said for their upholstery. Over the past 30 years, their upholstery operations in western North Carolina have built quality, bench made upholstery one piece at a time. And like Kincaid's solid wood furniture, the upholstery has also benefited from a number of enhancements that continue to add value for the customer.

American Heartland is a traditional solid oak bedroom collection that is grounded in down-home sensibilities. The classic oak grain’s characteristics are highlighted with three distinct finishes: an aged Oatmeal, gently worn Slate, and lustrous Harvest. Three bed designs are offered, including a rope carved Poster Bed with a low, curved headboard and carved posts which also have lower (60”) or taller (83”) options to suit a variety of style preferences. The Sleigh Bed is updated with an extra low footboard which gives it a platform feeling. The triple panels and graceful feet provide visual interest. The sturdy design of the Cannonball Bed will give consumers a point of reference when recalling the homey comfort of this style from childhood.

Kincaid also recently introduced Rosecroft, an Arts & Crafts-inspired home collection that includes bedroom, dining, home office, occasional, and upholstery items in a beautifully distressed rich Heirloom finish. For the dining room, Rosecroft debuts a Rectangular Leg Table with two 20” leaves, a Round Dining Table with one 20” leaf, and a Counter Height Round Table with Tile Top. All pieces have considerable substance in the turned legs and tops, which not only provides a visual focal point, but also creates a foundation to the room’s d├ęcor. Two coordinating chair styles are available: the first includes a gently curved backrest, scooped top, and upholstered seats; the second has a supportively curved backrest, a practical handle opening in the top, and upholstered seat. The China Display Hutch and Buffet incorporate beautifully antiqued glass doors with decorative bordered panels which highlight the Wild Irish Rose insignia on the sideview glass. A unique Bar Server is a distinguished and incredibly versatile addition, and could be a useful accent in many areas of the home.

Kincaid is well known for its creation and presentation of the Laura Ashley Collections. Exuding the gentle essence of European country cottage living, the Laura Ashley Sturlyn collection displays sophisticated style with great attention to detail and ornamentation. It's eclectic reach creates an interpretive expression for any home with three distinct finishes to choose from; a rich Sienna stain and relaxed Linen and Onyx colors are all featured finishes characterized by a breathtaking hand rubbed and naturally antiqued finish. A rich impression and depth of finish typifying cottage charm is created with an air of understated grace, Sturlyn can be dressed up to adapt to European traditional settings as easily as it can be dressed down for more relaxed living.

Like a gifted sculptor, the skilled craftsman chisels, then molds, casts, then carves to create the delicate details and stunning grandeur that defines the character of the Artisan's Shoppe collection. The seamless blending and balancing of details create the grand and magnificent design that can only be achieved through hand-crafting solid wood furniture. Intertwining intricate distressing and a warm, polished finish evokes refined furniture pieces that bring natural beauty and subtle confidence into the home.

Founded in 1946, Kincaid Furniture Company is the nation’s leading manufacturer and marketer of solid wood furniture. Kincaid’s growth is based on a commitment to quality solid wood case goods, fashionable upholstery, and the best service the industry has to offer. Kincaid Furniture Company is part of La-Z-Boy Incorporated’s family of companies. For more information on Kincaid, please visit

Lamp Shade Styles

This lamp shade information is from one of our suppliers, Ashley Lighting. Visit their wonderful site at They sell mostly to hospitality groups, so chances are, you have already enjoyed their products!

It may seem basic, but there are is a vast array of styles and fabrics available for shades. The following illustrates the most frequently used shade shapes. These are the most popular shade types found in both residential and hospitality. Please call us at 800-205-7819 if you have any questions about shades, or lighting:
Round Drum:

Round Taper:

Round Bell:

Square Taper:

Square Drum:

Square Bell:

Oval Taper:

Oval Drum:

Rectangular Drum:

1. Hardback: Fabric or paper is laminated to a Polystyrene inner lining. This is then secured to the top and bottom ring with adhesive tape. Available with self fold trim or hand tucked.
2. Stretched: Stretched shades are made with full framework, top and bottom ring welded together by ribs. Stretched shades are made with an inner fabric lining, usually white, and an outer fabric that is stretched over the full framework. Available with self fold trims and optional piping on the ribs. Stretch shades are commonly referred to a "Silk Shades" which is misleading. Stretch shades are not necessarily made from silk. They can be made from a variety of fabrics including linen, cotton and blends.
3. Pleated Shades: Shades are available in a varied pleat styles, from Soft Pleat, Knife Pleat-No Trim, Box Pleat, and Pinch Pleat. A pleated fabric or vinyl is applied to a polystyrene body.
Self fold trim is used at the bottom and top rings
4. Shade Trims: Double and Single Fold-Trim is adhered over the top and bottom shade rings.
Self Fold-No Trim- Fabric is tucked and glued around the shade rings.

A harp is the detachable bracket that attaches to the saddle serving as a mounting bracket for the shade. We use harp sizes ranging from 7" to 12". Bulb type is a factor when determining the harp for a specific shade. Harp, Saddles and Finials are available in plated and powder coat finishes. Powder Coat is recommended in locations where humidity is a concern.
A finial is a threaded cap that screws onto the top of the harp to tighten and hold the lamp shade in place.

Diffusers are used to obscure the light bulb and diffuse the light from the bulb.
Diffusers can be utilized for debris and bug guard
Diffusers are used on the top, bottom or both areas of a shade or fixture.
Diffusers are available in Acrylic/Plastics, Metal and Glass
Special considerations to heat must be made when using a diffuser

Sidewiki = More Honest Feedback

We can all do things better, whether it is on our website, in our business, or how we communicate with customers. Sometimes we do things very good, sometimes not so much. Its important to get all feedback in order to improve. Sidewiki is a big step in allowing that to happen, and the rules of engagement are clear.

in reference to: Google (view on Google Sidewiki)

IDS Speaking Engagement

I am honored to be speaking at the national headquarters of the Interior Design Society this coming High Point International Furniture Market. The date is Oct 19th and the locale is the IDS Seminar Room, 164 South Main Street, High Point

Here is a synopsis, which can also be found by clicking here:
Friending and Tweeting and Linking, Oh My!

Straight Talk on Internet Marketing for your business. As business owners, the easiest part of our job is doing what we know and love, such as design consultation or furniture sales. The hardest part is deciding on how to allocate hard-earned resources to marketing your business online. While the internet is now the definitive source for business referrals and sales (for most of us), it is still a labyrinth of confusing, and often times, expensive marketing opportunities. Recent media coverage regarding social networking has added to the conflict of where to invest your time and money for online marketing. This short seminar by Richard Sexton will untangle these options and put you on track for successful internet marketing.

Find Directions Here:

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Northeast Lanterns: One of our Favorites Outdoor Lantern Manufacturers


Exterior Hanging Lanterns

Exterior Wall Mount

Exterior Post Mount

Adams Collection

Boston Collection

Concord Collection

Hardwick Collection

Heal Collection

Lodge Collection

Onion Collection

Suffolk Collection

Windcliffe Collection

York Collection

If you travel in New England, you will notice that so many of the outdoor lighting styles hearken back to our colonial past. In our opinion, NOBODY manufacturers this style of lighting better than Northeast Lanterns Ltd

Northeast Lantern Ltd. began doing business 20 years ago when the President, Skip Heal, had a dream to manufacture and sell solid copper and brass fixtures. Starting out in a little rented space, he slowly grew the business into what it is today. Employing over 25 people, the company now works out of a new 15,000 square foot facility. From the simple to the simply elegant, Northeast Lanterns has it all! Northeast Lanterns is known for its tradition of quality lighting at affordable pricing. This Exeter, NH-based company produces all of its products on-site, and each year introduces new styling and innovative products to meet most lighting needs. Northeast Lantern Ltd. has been manufacturing lighting fixtures since 1987. From colonial to contemporary styles, Northeast Lantern provides a comprehensive range of products and finishes.

For 20 years, Northeast Lantern has provided high quality reasonable priced lighting fixtures, made of solid copper and brass, that have colonial characteristics. The craftsmanship and personalities of all employees, along with the acceptance in the marketplace, provide the distinctive collection that sets Northeast Lantern apart from the competition.
Northeast Lantern began doing business when the President, Skip Heal, had a dream to manufacture and sell solid copper and solid brass fixtures. Starting out in a little rented space, he slowly grew the business into what it is today. Employing over 25 people, the company now works out of a new 15,000 square foot facility. The experienced craftsmen and women fabricate, solder and finish each lantern by hand.

Their intention is to continue to grow the business by offering current and potential customer hand-crafted, U.S.-made products at an outstanding price. Northeast Lantern is an environmentally friendly manufacturer and is a state permitted facility. Like Carolina Rustica, Northeast Lantern prides itself with excellent customer service and backs up each and every product with a lifetime guarantee, something you will rarely find in today's discount economy. Only the glass is not covered (for obvious reasons).
CollectionsThere are many captivating collections in the Northeast Lantern group of lighting just waiting to be explored. You will find our pricing on these outstanding collections to be the most competative possible, and all Northeast Lantern items have free shipping.

The Onion Collection is certainly one of their most much so that it is incorporated into their logo. This is a traditional design that Northeast Lanterns has enhanced with their own particular touch of hand-crafted quality. These collections showcase some of the aspects that make Northeast Lanterns unique: the fixtures are solid brass or solid copper, each backed by a lifetime guarantee. All glass is removable, replaceable, and washable. Several types of glass are offered, depending on the look you are going for: clear, optic (creates a "banded" look), seedy, and optic seedy. The "seedy" glass tends to give the fixture more of a maritime look. Other popular colonial style collections include the Adams Collection, the Heal Collection (named after the founder) and the Suffolk Collection.

Links to:

The Heal Collection
The Adams Collection
The Suffolk Collection

Northeast Lanterns finishes are applied by hand and can vary from fixture to fixture. They try to match each as close as possible. They do not lacquer their fixtures so the will age naturally and evenly in the same environment. All outdoor fixtures, no matter what finish is ordered, will turn dark and in time will "verdi", depending on the location. The color of their applied Verid finish can vary depending on what mixture and time of day the finish is applied. Some of the Verdi will wear off when placed outdoors. When installing interior fixtures, care should be taken to keep oily fingerprints off the finish. If in time the fixture shows prints, they may be removed with a metal polish applied to a cloth and rubbed gently.

Shop Northeast Lantern Now

Hinkley Lighting & Energy Star Lighting


Hinkley Lighting is one of our favorite lighting suppliers, not only because of the high quality and vast selection of designs, but also because of their commitment to developing and marketing energy-efficient lighting. Hinkley recognizes that going green is not just about labels, but that it is truly about offering practical and desirable lighting alternatives for the interior and exterior of your home.
Shop Hinkly Energy Star Lighting

Shop All Hinkley Lighting Now

Discover Hinkley Lighting on YouTube:

ENERGY STAR qualified lighting provides bright, warm light but uses about 75 percent less energy than standard lighting, produce 75 percent less heat, and bulbs lasts up to 10 times longer.

Hinkley Energy Star® qualified lighting fixtures are equipped with GU24 sockets and include self-ballasted, compact fluorescent bulbs. CFL bulbs use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. Each fixture also features a daylight sensing photocell, which prevents the fixture from being illuminated during daylight hours, maximizing the fixture's energy-saving potential.

By choosing Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures, you will save money on energy bills and bulb replacements. With these fixtures, bulbs last 10,000 hours (about seven years of regular use). Hinkley's EST fixtures carry a 2-year warranty.


Upon specification, Hinkley outdoor lanterns can be engineered with the following eco-friendly options. To identify a fixture's potential to be engineered with one of the following environmentally friendly configurations, look for the corresponding icons on the product description page.

Energy Saving (ES)
Hinkley's Energy Saving (ES) fixtures are equipped with GU24 sockets and include self-ballasted, compact fluorescent bulbs. ES fixtures support California's "Title-24", a government-backed program that helps businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Dark Sky (DS)
Fixtures come equipped with a captive reflector or other design feature that minimizes or eliminates light glare upward into the night sky.

Energy Saving and Dark Sky (ESDS)
Hinkley's Energy Saving, Dark Sky fixtures combine Hinkley's energy saving advantages of fluorescent technology together with minimizing the amount of light glare produced in an upward direction towards the night sky. ESDS fixtures adhere to California's "Title-24" requirements.

Energy Star (EST)
Hinkley's Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE). Each fixture combines a GU24 socket together with a self-ballasted CFL bulb and a photocell that prevents the fixture from staying illuminated during daylight hours, maximizing its energy-saving potential.

Many Hinkley outdoor lanterns can be equipped with a photocell that will prevent the fixture from staying illuminated during daylight hours, maximizing its energy-saving potential.

Tommy Bahama Island Estate Update

Tommy Bahama is all about a sophisticated relaxed lifestyle perfectly captured by its island personality. To lend your home the feel of an elegant retreat, explore these classic, personality-rich, vintage-inspired furnishings--casual pieces, lush with louvers, cane, rattan, rich wood finishes, and luxurious fabrics and leather. Tommy Bahama invites the homeowner to kick back and relax in this comfortable yet upscale design. The collection features Island motifs: clean lines, carved pineapples and palm fronds, woven rattan, palm tree finials, and leather accents. The collections also highlight the classically influenced Dutch West Indies styling with tropical motifs, fused with modern, authentic simplicity, and bold design elements. The Tommy Bahama is a sophisticated island state-of-mind for you and your home getaway. The newest collection, Island Estate, is a perfect reflection of this sensibility, and we are delighted to introduce this group in the Fall of 2009

Watch the inspiration behind Tommy Bahama Island Estate:

An authentic interpretation of Island Lifestyle begins with the use of a variety of natural materials into the design of the collection, from woven abaca to decorative bamboo veneers. The West Indies Bed, shown at left, uses carved wood and woven abaca on the headboard and footboard to create a luxurious fusion, especially when paired with the Avalon Chair and the Ginger Island Bedside Chest. Can you imagine spending your dreamy waking hours in a more relaxing setting? Click Here to Shop Tommy Bahama Island Estate Bedroom Furniture
Tommy Bahama's Island Estate take entertaining seriously. The design simply beckons for long dinner conversations over a bottle of wine with cherished friends. Vibrant upholstery patterns, like those found on the Mangrove Arm Chair intensify the exotic experience. Shown here with the Island Estate Grenadine Extension Dining Table, the chair is typical of Island Estate quality, with a flexible natural abaca twist back and rattan frame for comfort. Shop Tommy Bahama Island Estate Dining Room Furniture

The great room just beckons you, with plush West Shore Sofa offering tropical style and total comfort. The upholstery is contrasted by the intricate carvings of the Cliff House Cocktail Table, with its distinctive Chippendale-inspired design. You can truly create a living and relaxing area in a refined Caribbean style infused with a rich blending of natural materials and textures. Click here to Shop Tommy Bahama Island Estate Living Room Furniture

Shop Tommy Bahama Bedroom FurnitureShop Tommy Bahama Dining Room FurnitureShop Tommy Bahama Living Room Furniture

The Cimarron Collection by Lexington

Tomorrow I'll post some new pics from the Cimarron Collection by Lexington. Its a great collection with lots of hand-crafted features like hand-hewn tops, and multi-layered rubbed surfaces. Its not challenging, design-wise, the way Black Ice is. Its more of a comfortable, country-club feel, along the same lines as Arnold Palmer's Gentleman's Quarters and Palm Canyon.

Below is a wonderful overview of the inspiration behind the Cimarron Collection:

Our Annual Labor Day Event

Lexington Sale

Carolina Rustica End-of-Summer Sales Event
Its hard to believe the summer is over, but here we are, on the cusp of Fall already. The kids are back in school, the family vacations have been enjoyed, and the summer heat that forced us into the pool is slowly retreating. Perhaps an even bigger relief is that the economy is showing some real signs of improvement. Here are Carolina Rustica , we have seen modest but consistent gains month over month since March. Nonetheless, many of our fine suppliers still have inventory built up over the last year. In addition, they continue to introduce new collections, such as Lexington 's Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection. So as we enter into the fall season, a time when many homeowners are looking to redecorate, these manufacturers are offering some fantastic savings to get things moving along. We have grouped these promotions together to create our own End-of-Summer Sales Event, featuring the following manufacturers:

Lexington Furniture: 10% off from 9/4 to 9/14
With three new successful collections introduced over the last year, Lexington is on a roll. Our number one group within Lexington is Tommy Bahama , and we are particularly enthusiastic about the new Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection. This collection embodies a lifestyle of sophisticated casual living by using a rich blend of of natural materials and textures. Island Estate particularly highlights the use of renewable indigenous materials, such as woven abaca, crushed coco shell, woven rattan, and bamboo veneers.

All Lexington Furniture Collections are 10% Off from September 4 to September 14 th , including their new Black Ice Collection . Black Ice uses Austrian Ash in a Carbon finish, in conjunction with black leather, and silver finished metal bases. The look is a cool fusion of campaign-style furniture with clean contemporary design. It's a unique, sophisticated and urban look with a broad appeal to fashion-forward homeowners, and we think you will love it.

Other popular collections by Lexington include Long Cove, Zacara , Bob Timberlake , and Hancock Park , some of which is already on special pricing

Tommy Bahama Chair

Introducing Hekman Furniture
Carolina Rustica is proud to announce that we are carrying Hekman Furniture. The Hekman Furniture Company was founded in 1922 in Grand Rapids by the Hekman brothers, who were fulfilling their father's dream of creating old-world fine crafted furniture. The careful selection of ingredients, the patient hands-on techniques and the exacting presentation... these shared passions of Edsko Hekman and his sons remain the hallmarks of the Hekman Furniture Company today.

Now, almost a century old, Hekman is widely recognized as one of America’s premier furniture suppliers. In 1983 Hekman was purchased by the Howard Miller Clock Company of Zeeland, Michigan. In that same year, Hekman acquired Woodmark Furniture, an upholstery company founded by Elliot Wood, whose discriminating standards were a perfect match to Hekman’s long tradition of excellence. The company now enjoyed a position of strength in its ability to offer its customer superior casegoods and the finest in upholstery.

Century Furniture: 10% off from 10/17 to 9/30
Century Furniture is widely recognized as the finest furniture made here in North Carolina , with a reputation for quality and customization that is unrivalled. We love having their product here on our showroom floor because it is so elegant and refined. We are particularly enamored with their Milan Collection, which is a fusion of contemporary design with a naturalistic influence, including exposed polished Tiger Maple wood, natural edges, and polished chrome accents.

Century Marc Sofa

Century Milan Dresser

Sarreid and Chatham Crossing Furniture: 10% to 40% off from 8/31 to 10/1
Sarreid Furniture which also produces the Chatham Crossing Collection, is an importer of the finest English reproduction furniture available today. We absolutely love the old-world details such as hand-carved legs, old brass hardware, and hand-rubbed tops.We have a few of the Leather Shelved Benches in stock, which feature a s olid walnut frame, leather seat brass tacks, and woven leather shelf and exemplify this craftsmanship.

Sarreid Sale
Sarreid Sale
Sarreid Sale

Bago Luma Furniture: 20% off from 8/31 to 10/1
Bago Luma is an innovative iron furniture manufacturer that offers inspiring designs for every room in your home. Their product is entirely hand-forged, with a unique architectural appeal that has never been copied. From kitchen accents to dining furniture , their detailed styling has a classic appeal and is a favorite of interior designers everywhere. They offer a multitude of hand applied finishes; but their Natural Rust finish is featured on most of their products and is their flagship finish.

Bago Luma Sale

Bago Luma Sale

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