Lamp Shade Styles

This lamp shade information is from one of our suppliers, Ashley Lighting. Visit their wonderful site at They sell mostly to hospitality groups, so chances are, you have already enjoyed their products!

It may seem basic, but there are is a vast array of styles and fabrics available for shades. The following illustrates the most frequently used shade shapes. These are the most popular shade types found in both residential and hospitality. Please call us at 800-205-7819 if you have any questions about shades, or lighting:
Round Drum:

Round Taper:

Round Bell:

Square Taper:

Square Drum:

Square Bell:

Oval Taper:

Oval Drum:

Rectangular Drum:

1. Hardback: Fabric or paper is laminated to a Polystyrene inner lining. This is then secured to the top and bottom ring with adhesive tape. Available with self fold trim or hand tucked.
2. Stretched: Stretched shades are made with full framework, top and bottom ring welded together by ribs. Stretched shades are made with an inner fabric lining, usually white, and an outer fabric that is stretched over the full framework. Available with self fold trims and optional piping on the ribs. Stretch shades are commonly referred to a "Silk Shades" which is misleading. Stretch shades are not necessarily made from silk. They can be made from a variety of fabrics including linen, cotton and blends.
3. Pleated Shades: Shades are available in a varied pleat styles, from Soft Pleat, Knife Pleat-No Trim, Box Pleat, and Pinch Pleat. A pleated fabric or vinyl is applied to a polystyrene body.
Self fold trim is used at the bottom and top rings
4. Shade Trims: Double and Single Fold-Trim is adhered over the top and bottom shade rings.
Self Fold-No Trim- Fabric is tucked and glued around the shade rings.

A harp is the detachable bracket that attaches to the saddle serving as a mounting bracket for the shade. We use harp sizes ranging from 7" to 12". Bulb type is a factor when determining the harp for a specific shade. Harp, Saddles and Finials are available in plated and powder coat finishes. Powder Coat is recommended in locations where humidity is a concern.
A finial is a threaded cap that screws onto the top of the harp to tighten and hold the lamp shade in place.

Diffusers are used to obscure the light bulb and diffuse the light from the bulb.
Diffusers can be utilized for debris and bug guard
Diffusers are used on the top, bottom or both areas of a shade or fixture.
Diffusers are available in Acrylic/Plastics, Metal and Glass
Special considerations to heat must be made when using a diffuser