Announcing our Marathon Team!

This March 20th, the 2010 UnitedHealthcare North Carolina Marathon will be run in High Point, North Carolina.   This is a wonderful event that benefits the Foster Friends of North Carolina.  Foster Friends is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a brighter future to children experiencing foster care in Guilford County, North Carolina. Since 2005, they have offered life skills, character building programs, long term mentors and fun events to foster children.  These activities and opportunities enrich their childhood experience.

Last year, our team was sponsored by one of our premier lightining suppliers, Currey and Company.  It was a huge success, and this year we decided to sponsor our own independent team, running in snazzy green singlets with the Carolina Rustica logo.  This is such a great event, not only because of the beneficiaries, but also because it is run in High Point, the center of the North Carolina furniture industry.  In fact, the race starts right in front of Showplace, and runs through downtown amongst the manufacturer showrooms.  I find it quite a thrill to be there in the context of running a race, as opposed to being there as a buyer for Carolina Rustica.

By sponsoring a team, we are making a contribution to Foster Friends.   However, we are upping the ante and have decided to award $100 to Foster Friends for every team member that finishes under 3:30.   That is no easy feat, but we have some pretty speedy guys on our team of seven.  So stay tuned for updates on our training and wish us well.  Only 1 month to go!

Just for nostalgia, here is a slideshow from the event last year with Team Currey!

We are in the BBB!

Our local Charlotte Better Business Bureau sent out a request to some of their high-scoring businesses to submit profiles for their home page.   I was surprised and delighted when they posted my picture with our business name.  Actually, we have been members longer than 3 years, but that is how long their online verification program has been in place.  We have an A+ rating, which you can find by clicking here.

From "Internet Retailer: The Dollars Are In The Details"

Here is an excerpt from one of our industry's primary sources of information, Internet Retailer.  I have been honored to speak at their last conference in June 2009, and every once in awhile we appear in print as well.  Its the go-to source of information for all things internet + retail.

Here is an excerpt:
To fix a design flaw on its key merchandising pages,, an online retailer of upscale home furnishings, first compiled a strengths and weakness usability report and then reviewed competing web sites. Its conclusion: Make the site search button bigger and more prominent., which generates about $3.5 million in annual web sales, serves an older and affluent consumer. A typical customer is 50, may own multiple homes and has annual household income of well above $100,000.

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