Rustic Cedar Natural Furniture - Cushions!

Rolls of FabricRustic Natural Cedar Furniture Co. prides themselves on manufacturing quality furniture that is durable, affordable, and most importantly, comfortable. But even the most ergonomically designed furniture can be lacking. That's why they carry a complete line of high-quality, durable, and of course, comfortable cushions to fit each piece of furniture the sell.

Their cushions are primarily manufactured from top of the line Sunbrella™ fabric which, as any cushion connoisseur knows, is the leading fabric for sun and weather resistance.  Their cushions will last more than 5 years outdoors in almost any climate. Not only is Sunbrella™ the best fabric for weather and fade resistance, but it is also offered in dozens of vibrant, appealing colors and patterns.  While the advertise only a small selection of Sunbrella's ™ fabrics, the can manufacture cushions in any pattern or color that they make.  For details on custom orders call us at (800) 205-7819
Their cushions are manufactured with lock stitch seams and tough zippers to last for years. Hand crafted in West Warwick, Rhode Island, their cushions will always have matching seams and patterns thanks to the careful attention and nimble fingers of the staff that manufactures them. 

Cushions for their line of cedar furniture are cut, sewn, and assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality product for you. Each step is carefully executed to eliminate problems and mistakes. 
The Process...
Fabric Cut
First, the fabric is chosen and placed on a template. The fabric is then cut with a specialized saw and matched with the rest of the pieces for that cushion. The fabric is then sewn by hand to ensure that all stripes and patterns are set in the right direction.  Any zippers, tubing, or ties are attached to the fabric and any strings or extra fabric is snipped off.
While the fabric shell is being sewn, the foam filling is being made. The foam enters the facility in large blocks and has to be cut down to the proper size. 
A large machine is used to cut the large blocks into manageable pieces.The smaller blocks are then cut, using the same specialized saw and a pattern, to the proper size for the cushion.
Foam ready
 Once the foam and fabric shell are completed, they are brought to be put together. The foam filling is lined with a softer piece of batting that enhances the comfort of the finished product. The foam filler is then compressed to a very small size and the fabric is slipped around it. The foam is then allowed to expand to its original size and filled into the corners by hand. This process ensures that your cushions will be consistently soft and fit onto your furniture.  

Once the foam has been inserted to the fabric shell, it is zipped up and placed in a plastic covering. The plastic helps the cushion stay clean until it arrives at its final destination. 

The cushions are packed into boxes and shipped all over the US. Unlike other cushion manufacturers, they never fold or roll their cushions so they always arrive to you in pristine condition without creases or wrinkles. 

Rustic Cedar Furniture Cushion Care Column and Facts
Q. What should I recommend for care instructions on the outdoor cushion line?
 A. General or light cleaning as follows:

-Brush off any loose dirt.
-Prepare a cleaning solution of 2 ounces (1/4 cup) mild soap per gallon of lukewarm water (less than 100°F/38°C).
-Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean.
-Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric.
-Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
-Allow fabric to air dry. 

Fact: All of  Rustic Cedar Furniture's solid and stripe cushions are

-Mildew Resistant
-UV Treated
-Water Resistant
-Tear Resistant
Fact: All of our floral fabrics are Spun Polyester Prints. 


Q. What kind of warranty do the outdoor cushions have?
A. The outdoor cushions carry a one year manufacturing warranty.

Q. What are the outdoor cushions filled with?
A. 100% urethane foam core with 100% Polyester  wrap 

Q. Where are our outdoor cushions manufactured
A. They are manufactured in America