Hickory White Tuscan Bed - My Item Of The Week : SOLD!

Hickory White is one of our industry's true gems - they manufacture almost everything in their facility in Hickory, NC and they approach each piece as a work of art for your home.  As they say in their own words: "Our desire at Hickory White has never been stronger to create the most sought after home furnishings. Our commitment to this desire is the driving force that leads us into the future. We look forward to exceeding the demands of our consumers for many, many years. Today's style statements are hand-tailored and hand-crafted by skilled artisans here in Hickory, NC. Each piece has been curated and selected for inclusion with the goal of empowering your creative spirit through customization finish options that are second to none".   

Whew!  Thats a lot of wording to tell us that they make really high quality furniture that is truly (truly!) an heirloom piece.   We love the fact that they are so close to us geographically, and we can call upon their expertise to answer customer questions at any time.

That brings us to my Item of the Day, the Hickory White Tuscan King Bed in Old World Finish.   This is a stunning floor item we have in Gallery II that has been generating lots of interest, especially with a floor sample price that is 50% off of retail (we can't put it in print, but call us at 800-205-7819 and we can share the price with you).  You can also get more details on the Tuscan Bed by visiting our website through this link.  Remember, we guarantee our showroom floor items to be in perfect condition..since we are so over-protective of them!

This bed is defined by arches and curves and a deeply carved wood molding the lend the piece a true artisan craftsman quality. The bed measures 86 in. W x 88 1/2 in. D x 75 3/4 in. L. The Old World finish is a layered, antique cream color and it is just breathtaking. The Tuscan Home Collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Design and styling elements include natural distressing, beautiful carvings and hardware designed and crafted specifically for this collection. These pieces offer you the traditional look of ageless antiques with a more distressed and time worn feel along with casual European attributes.   They are truly carved works of art....just look at the headpiece to the left.   That is the kind of craftsmanship that is rare today, which is why the Hickory White Tuscan King Bed is my Item of the Day