Summer Time Means Paula Deen Furniture!

Its really amazing how quickly Paula Deen furniture has become iconic in the furniture industry.   Introduced about 5 years ago, this group is manufactured by Universal Furniture and strictly distributed through authorized dealers like Carolina Rustica.   The collection has a huge, cross-market appeal for two simple reasons: accessible design and price.    Lets face it, Paula Deen is not going to design furniture for Manhattan lofts...that is the job of licensees like Donald Trump or Jane Seymour.   Paula designs for comfort and simplicity.   Her collection features a limited number of finishes, such as Tobacco, Linen, and Sea Oat.   They also feature designs that can be used in any number of decor styles, such as transitional, cottage, and coastal (just to name a few).    Some of the most popular pieces are here on our showroom floor, such as the Sea Oat Utility Cabinet, which has a wonderful arched louvred door and lots of great storage.   The light finishes available also make this a great collection to feature during the summer, since it reminds us of porchfronts and warm breezes.

Paula Deen is a beloved personality, and Universal has really tapped into that appeal with their whole marketing approach to this group.  There are plenty of first-hand stories from Paula about what inspired each individual piece, such as the Down Home Bubbas Chest, designed for that Southern Guy who absolutely needs a place for everything (and this has it!) This gives the group a warmth and depth that is sometimes missing in furniture introductions.   It is  an extra step that creates a bond between the homeowner and Paula...similar to how she seems to reach out to you personally when she is on her cooking show.    The warmth of the finish seems to echo the warmth conveyed by Paula herself.

The other aspect of Paula Deen is that the furniture crosses generations...some of her pieces have a bit of the old Pottery Barn look and feel, and thus appeal to a younger consumer.   Simple designs have always done best (at least for us), and certainly first-time homeowners lean towards less ornamentation and more functionality.   Take the Kitchen Organizer Pantry in Oatmeal finish, for example.   Practical storage but very very fashionable as well.   We especially love the vintage style hardware and faceplates for keeping track of everything.

In our business, you know a line has been successful when other manufacturers introduce new collections and tell you "its just like Paula Deen".   Why not just buy Paula Deen?   Give us a call at 800-205-7819 and we will be happy to assist you in this endeavor!