New Lexington Furniture Collections

Lexington Home Brands is indisputably our most popular manufacturer.  With over a dozen fresh, innovative collections to choose from, they consistently offer high-end styling that sets the standard for fresh design.  At this year's High Point Furniture Market, we visited their spectacular showroom and saw their new Quail Hollow Collection.

Quail Hollow offers an inspired approach to New Traditional style - an innovative take on the familiar. Crafted in Quartered Mahogany, the burnished finish has the warm rich patina of an antique. The group does not skimp on reeded molding, distinctive raised panels, and graceful turnings add to the collection’s timeless appeal. Lexington Furniture also introduced new upholstery designs that feature exceptional tailoring with an elegant layering of patterns and textures.  This new look of traditional style defines Quail Hollow and is guaranteed to be placed in many homes across the region.

Of course, Lexingtom Home Brands is known wide and far as being the manufacturer of Tommy Bahama Furniture.  Tommy Bahama has been celebrated world-wide as embodying the idea of upscale leisure time, a globe-trotting carefree soul who lives surrounded only by the finest.   His newest group is Inspired by Australia’s rugged beauty and indigenous style, Road to Canberra from Tommy Bahama blends Aussie attitude with distinctive contemporary design.  The unique look of woven veneer is accented by a remarkable blend of natural elements – honed travertine, woven lampakanai, rattan, aged metal, woven leather, and petrified wood   This unique group is also one that has a light natural tone with a soft linen-white glaze that highlights the grain. Beauty from half a world away will make you feel right at home

bungalowDon't forget that Lexington acquired Sligh Home Office furniture last year, and they have been bringing this quality line to new heights, in a way only they could.   They are also bringing out new coordinated groups to match both their lifestyle collections and their home office and entertainment offerings, such as Twilight Bay, one of Lexington's most popular groups introduced 2 years ago.   We are lucky to have extensive sales experience with both of these lines, and can help you pick out the perfect, coordinated home office grouping to go with your lovely home decor!