High Point Furniture Shopping Tips

Every once in awhile, we run across some furniture tips so common-sense, we must share them!   Here are some basic furniture shopping tips from our friends at High Point Furniture Directory, one of our lead referral services: 

1. You can buy furniture, rugs and accessories from the stores on this website without coming to North Carolina. However, if you are planning to come to North Carolina remember to bring swatches or color samples of furniture, drapes, fabrics, paint or wallpaper that you will need to color match. If swatches aren't available, take good color pictures on your phone or Ipad and bring them with you.  Better yet, upload them to a photo sharing site that you can access at the store (our suggestion)

2. If you are buying furniture for a whole room or entire house, bring a floor plan of each room (include window, door & ceiling measurements) to help you select furniture with the correct dimensions. Measure other pieces of furniture in the room to ensure that your new furniture will be compatible in scale. (one  example is AICO furniture's Hollywood Swank Collection, which is very large scale, like many AICO groups)

3. If necessary, take hall measurements, door measurements and ceiling measurements. If you are buying furniture that will go upstairs in a two or three story house, bring measurements of the hall and stairway so that you can make sure any furniture that you buy can be carried up your stairway.  This is really important for both you and the retailer!

4. Decide on the furniture style that you like. You can bring pictures of furniture that you like from your favorite home furnishings magazines.  Take pictures on your phone of items you like in other homes, offices, or stores (but ask permission first)

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5. With todays eclectic styles of decorating, many people use different types and finishes of wood in the same room. Select interesting pieces of furniture that complement each other and reflect your taste. If you have oriental and/or decorative rugs that you will be using, make certain that the fabric that you choose for upholstery will complement the colors and design of your rug.

6. To make small rooms look bigger, select furniture and accessories with colors that closely match the walls and floors. Also, reduce the number of pieces of furniture in the room and add reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass-top tables.

7. To make a large room look smaller and more intimate, position furniture away from the wall and use taller pieces such as an entertainment center, armoire or screen. Use rugs, patterned upholstery fabrics and printed wallpaper to give the area a warm and more comfortable feeling.

8. When shopping for upholstered furniture, try to get the facts about the basic construction: springs, frames, padding, cushions and fabric. Always test furniture that will be used for seating by doing just that: sit on it! Consider how well the chair fits your particular body build. The height of the arms, the pitch of the back and the support under your knees should feel right for your body.  Use customer reviews of the product to determine how long it may last and any issues (our suggestion)

Another suggestion we have here at Carolina Rustica: Call or email ahead!  Give the store or salesperson a chance to get some information together beforehand, and your visit will go that much smoother.   It is sometimes easier to work with one professional who can learn your design style or preferences.

Happy Shopping!