From the CEO of Charleston Forge on "Made in America"

Our longest-standing supplier is Charleston Forge, based in Boone, NC a few hours down the road from our showroom.   I have known Art Barber, the founder, for many years and have always admired his commitment to U.S. craftsmanship.   Their hand-forge product reflects that dedication and pride in the finished product.    We are always happy to place their product in a consumers home, because we know it will be an heirloom.

Here is an email sent by Art to his reps and retailers regarding U.S. manufacturing, and how we got to where we are today:

To emphasize our determination to manufacture and preserve jobs in America, we are displaying the American flag that flew on the warship that my father-in-law served on during World War II in our High Point showroom.

It reminds us of the sacrifices made by so many Americans who give their lives to protect the privileges we enjoy today. It symbolizes how lucky we are to have the freedom to live, work and play in such a great country. It calls out to all who pass by that our furniture is MADE in AMERICA.

The USS Greiner, on which my father-in-law served during World War II.

We're passionate about what we make and where we make it and it hurts to see so many jobs lost from this country.  It's not easy being in business here, but then again, business is not easy anywhere!

To compete with the world in our industry, we know that we have to be innovative, fashion focused, passionate, efficient and constantly evolving.  We're actually seeing an increase in orders and have expansion plans, so it's obvious to us that our market likes what we are doing.

We will be showing table tops that an artist makes for us by melting glass and pouring it into molds. We've expanded our Warehouse Collection which features our signature metal frames and tops made with wood reclaimed from shipping pallets. We've added floor to ceiling mirrors (with acid etched mirror) and small upholstered stools to this collection. We made some display trolleys with metal frames and used old pine boards that we got from a Dutch cheese factory as the tops. (Come early, there are only a few available). New transitional and contemporary glass top coffee tables and drink tables by designer John Kolkka are spectacular. We even commissioned a local artist friend of ours to make us a line of jewelry that combines the same elements and techniques that we use in furniture making. Charleston Forge and jewelry, it's a natural!

It's all simple yet sophisticated, casual but elegant, imperfect but perfect. If that flag could talk, we think it would say, "Well Done!"

If you're coming to High Point, please come see us, and the flag!  We'll look forward to seeing you, 
          Art Barber
          Founder and CEO
            Charleston Forge