Henry Link Furniture Collection by Lexington Home Brands

The 2011 Spring High Point International Furniture Market ends today, and my legs are saying "thank you!".  After six days of visiting current and future suppliers, I am both excited and exhausted at the same time.   Our partnerships with our key manufacturers is only going to grow stronger, with brands such as Hickory White, Century Furniture, Hooker Furniture, and Wesley Allen, just to name a very few.   There is so much innovation out there in terms of producing unique looks at fantastic price points, its amazing.   The key dynamic is creating innovative, quality products at price levels that reflect the value of the item.    We support the middle-high market, so we find value in even more expensive groups like Bob Timberlake by Century, or Sanctuary by Hooker Furniture.

All of this is leading up to announcing the wonderful new Henry Link Trading Company furniture introduction by Lexington Home Brands.  Its a stunning collection utilizing natural motifs and unique organic materials, and it blends perfectly with some of Lexington's best-selling Tommy Bahama Furniture Brands.

Click here to view the debut video of the Henry Link Trading Company furniture introduction by Lexington.

Here is the official press release from Lexington Home Brands:
We often dream of travel to romantic destinations and places unknown, but we find our lives get too busy to pursue those aspirations. Henry Link Trading Company displays a passion lies in the discovery of unique and exotic furniture designs from every part of the globe, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of pieces that were hand-selected by a group of well-traveled collectors and designers for the timeless style.

Items in the group are classic in styling, but fresh and contemporary in their interpretation. Natural materials are used -- exotic woods, travertine and marble, shell inlay, aged brass and metal, leather-wrapped rattan, and woven cane.  These materials enhance the beauty of hand crafted designs from around the world. Unique finishes impart a one-of-a-kind look to distinctive silhouettes that are destined to capture your imagination.