From Furniture Today: Robb & Stucky, RIP

Robb & Stucky has been a competitor of ours in the southeastern states for awhile now, and it looks like their struggles over the last 4 years are coming to an end.  Liquidation means it is very unlikely the retailer will come back as a viable entity.   We are sorry for the good folks who work there and lost their jobs as a result of over-aggressive expansion.

TAMPA, Fla. — A U.S. Bankruptcy Court here approved the sale of high-end retailer Robb & Stucky to liquidators Hudson Capital and Hyperams today in a deal likely to lead to the shutdown of the Top 100 company.

According to a local report, the court approved the sale at a hearing today. Hudson Capital and Hyperams were the stalking horse and only validated bidder at an auction that wrapped up early this morning.