Rustic Cedar Natural Furniture

One of my favorite suppliers from our old store, Himal Home Gallery, is a company called Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture. For over 35 years, Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company has been manufacturing quality Cedar Looks brand products for the home and garden. Their broad variety of products includes bedroom sets, tables and seating groups, gliders, rockers, swings, arbors and other garden products. These fine furnishings are handcrafted with care in Quebec and British Columbia and shipped worldwide for your enjoyment. They age to a natural silvery finish when left unfinished and exposed to the natural elements. I can tell you from firsthand experience that these products have lasted over 12 years in my backyard here in North Carolina.
Outdoor Furniture

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture is excited to announce that they are now offering a clear coat finish on most indoor pieces. They have living room furniture, bedrooms, and dining sets, all coated with a clear protective lacquer that accentuates the natural beauty of their quality White Cedar furniture and provides a protective surface for the piece. The smooth, clear finish blends perfectly with log cabins, summer homes, beach houses, and campgrounds. This finish will add aesthetic appeal as well as a protective coating to keep your furniture looking great for years to come.

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture has introduced this finish simply to provide more options to the consumer. It is a multi-step process to ensure a quality finish.

-A sealant coat is applied to the sanded surface. This is the first of two sealant coats that is applied.
-Once the first coat is dry, the product is sanded to provide a more porous surface for the second coat.
-The second coat is applied and allowed to dry.
-The piece is sanded again to prepare for the lacquer coat
-The final, lacquer, coat is applied.

Once the product has dried, the parts are individually wrapped in corrugated cardboard and repacked into boxes. The cardboard helps to prevent the parts from hitting each other and causing damage to the finished product.

Caring for Finished Furniture

Assembling our finished furniture is slightly different from assembling our unfinished products. It is important that the pieces are not hit together as it will cause a scuff on the finish. The finish can be kept in its best condition by taking care to not hit any piece with a hard object or other pieces. It can cause undesirable mark in the finish.

Outdoor Finish

Unfortunately our new finish is not available for outdoor use. For those customers who desire stains or UV protection for outdoor furniture, we recommend Penofin®. We have tested this line of products extensively and have had great results. Penofin® offers a wide variety of stains and UV inhibitors for outdoor use in a variety of colors.

For those customers that are conservation minded, Penofin has just introduced the Verde finish, a sustainable vegetation-based treatment that is environmentally sound and safe for children and pets. To read more about what Rustic is doing to go green, visit Carolina Rustica