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Here is a great article we found on Home Decor Unleashed, an all-encompassing blog about the many aspects of home furnishings, design, and maintenance.    We thought this article was particularly helpful because one of our favorite suppliers, Bago Luma, uses a lot of travertine tile in their wrought-iron designs.  It creates a striking and dramatic contrast.

From Home Decor Unleashed:

Travertine Tile: Information from Me to You

After living in a house for a length of time, it’s nice to be able to create a new look to come home too. Using travertine tile is a great way to accomplish such a task. Travertine comes in many different finishes, colors, and sizes. Because of that, it can be used in many different places throughout the home. Popular choices to use travertine tiles are around a fireplace, in bathrooms, and as kitchen back-splashes. To get you more acquainted with travertine tiles, here are some facts and helpful tips.

Travertine is a natural stone, but can be man-made by heating supersaturated alkaline waters, with high pCO2 levels. This stone comes in many colors including red, yellow, brown, beige, white, and gold. There are many different ways to finish the surface. Naturally, this stone has holes in the surface. Depending on how it is finished, the holes are either filled or left unfilled. Having the holes filled gives the stone a more modern look, and comes in either a matte finish or a polished finish. When the holes are left unfilled, this look is more rustic and is usually not polished.

There are a few helpful tips when planning on where to install travertine tiles. This type of stone is not as hard as other stones. With this in mind, it takes special considerations and care when installing it as flooring. This makes areas of high traffic not a very good place to install this. High heels or animals (like dogs that have nails) can cause scratches on the floor if walked on frequently. Also, this type of stone is very sensitive to acidic substances such as orange juice, lemon juice, and many cleaners. Because of this, if used in the kitchen, it is important to clean spills up as quickly as possible. Otherwise the tile can be damaged. Cleaning with hot water and a sponge is sufficient. There are also special stone cleaners that can be used that won’t damage the stone. With these things in mind, travertine is a great stone to choose to decorate your home with. It has a natural beauty that will create a wonderful atmosphere to come home to.

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