A week in Boston

It would be hard to encapsulate this crazy, hectic week in Boston, with the Internet Retailer conference taking up most of the week, ending with a soggy visit with family and seeing lots of old friends in between.

The internet Retailer conference was a huge success in every sense of the word. There were over 5,000 attendees and hundreds of technology suppliers there as well. I arrived on Monday, ealier than I wanted to, and had the chance to meet with some great e-commerce providers that could really help Carolina Rustica. I was able to fit in a visit with some friends for lunch as well, and both Monday and Tuesday nights went out with some of our current vendors, like Google, SLI, and Lenser.

Tuesday was my big presentation, and I was nervous about speaking in such a huge venue. We were in the main room, so it was a little intimidating. But once I got started, I really loosened up and the presentation flowed pretty well. I'll get feedback from the organizers which will tell me how I really did! I hope they invite me back, though, as it is an exciting venue, filled with some very dynamic thinkers. That sounds cliche, but its true.

Internet retailing in the next few years is going to continue to evolve, and merchants are getting incredibly savvy as to what customers desire in order to make a sound purchasing decision. We are going to keep up with these rapid changes as best we can (as a small company) since we depend on our website business as much as our in-store business.