Carolina Rustica on MultiChannel Merchant

Here is a quick summary of what I recently had to say to our friends at Multichannel Merchant about the use of social media. Multichannel Merchant has really become a leader in exploring the dynamic world of interacting channels, from brick-and-mortar to catalog to internet. They cover a lot of ground in an exciting industry.

Social Climbing: Niche Marketers are Finding New Customers Thanks to Social Media

Carolina Rustica has made some attempts on Facebook and MySpace, says Richard Sexton, president/CEO of the furniture and home decor merchant. “But we really need to improve these and make the content more relevant and valuable to visitors.”

The fact is, Sexton says, “it is really time consuming keeping those pages current when we also devote time to our more visible blog.” But some social media networks “have really blossomed as a viable driver of traffic, both paid and nonpaid,” he notes