We Are Finally in Dummies!

Its finally happened! We are in a "Dummies" book! My wife said this is long overdue. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I am certainly excited that Carolina Rustica was cited as a case study in Web Marketing for Dummies, Vol. II.

Jan Zimmerman's second edition of this incredibly user-friendly "Dummies" book shows you how to make your site search engine friendly, create an online marketing plan, and use analytical tools to see how your website is performing. Owner Richard Sexton, and Carolina Rustica, are used as a case study in Part V, "Maximizing Your Web Success". Richard explains how Carolina Rustica uses all of the free tools provided by Google Analytics to make subtle changes in the website and enhance the user experience. The popular "Dummies" format makes it even easier to understand how to run your online business (Hint: there are no shortcuts!). We found it helpful ourselves...after all, its always good to return to the basics. So there is indeed something for everyone in this book. Click here to buy this helpful book on Amazon!

If you don't want to buy the book and just want to see where Carolina Rustica is in the book, you can click this link

I will be posting some of the other little mentions we have received over the last month. We try to keep our name out there as much as possible, whether it is for e-commerce commentary, small business advice, or happenings in the furniture world.