My Favorite New Thing

I have been working on Lexington Home Brands' Hancock Park group, and I want to give this collection a shameless plug.  It is of the most exciting new styles I have seen in awhile.  It is very hard to do anything different in the furniture world...its almost all been done before, to a certain extent.  What we see today is a rehash of what was sold yesterday, whether that yesterday was 10, 20, or 50 years ago.

Hancock Park is different.  Certainly there are stylistic echoes of the Deco movement from 60 years ago.  But that influence is slight.  What they have done is taken some classic forms and blended them with modern twists to create a unique and limited collection of select pieces from
 the home.   

I'll be honest. When there is a style or grouping that I'm not wild about, I'll tell you.  But just because its not my cup of tea doesn't mean its not yours.    After all, you live in your home, not me.  And if you invite me over, I will never ever say anything about your furniture!  Your dog,  maybe, but not your furniture. 

Anyway, Hancock Park is totally my style, reflecting the kind of lifestyle I wish I had: Cool, Elegant, Understated..full of social possibilities as you entertain your erudite friends as you sip a martini.   My actual life consists of picking up play-doh, changing diapers, and waiting in line to pick up my daughter in a station wagon with 70,000 miles on it.    I bet you didn't know owning a furniture store was so glamorous!

One of my favorite pieces is the Palm Drive Drum Table shown at right.  It is everything I like about Hancock Park, with the ribbed exterior, Cognac finish, and slightly retro funkiness.   I would like to have a home that could carry this kind of furniture.  In my house, the drawers would quickly be filled with My Little Ponies.   There is no escaping them!

Another piece from the collection that I really like is the Paramount Bunching Chest shown at the left. This is the perfect chest for your foyer, but what I really like about it (besides the awesome veneer) is that it could also be a bedside chest or an end table.   Its got a traditional style to it, so it would definitely be at home in your parents house, but the hardware and bowed front give it an artistic touch that appeals to younger homeowners.

I also like how Lexington has limited the scope of this collection, focusing on pieces that can be used in multiple applications.  They've given that usability a lot of thought.  Enjoy browsing this collection for a diversion from the Holiday Shopping Madness!