Some Thoughts on New Years Eve, 2009

This is the time of year when we get flooded with retrospectives on the past years events (and WHAT a year it was, right?).  We also get inundated with predictions about the year to come...which of course, is all guesswork because nobody really knows what this new year will bring.  We know the year will be full of challenges.   We know it will be a year of tremendous change as we work together to chart a new course for this country (one that may, heaven forbid, require us to sacrifice!).   We know that things like buying furniture, decorating your home, and other domesting pursuits may seem trivial in light of all this upheaval....but maybe that just makes the homey things that much more important.

We all have our own wishes for the new year, beyond mere expectations. I am wishing for our world a less dangerous place for our children to flourish, one that culivates creativity, equality, and a respect for the earth.   On a more local (and selfish) scale, I hope we all get some confidence back in our economic futures.   Certainly, we have learned this year how interconnected our economy is and how much of an impact our mindset has on our economic prosperity. Here at Carolina Rustica, we wish you nothing but peace, prosperity, and happiness for you and those you love.