Is it Time for a New Clock?

Clocks are generally an afterthought when it comes to accessorizing a room, yet they are likely one of the most used accessories that you own. You might still have the same clock that you received for a wedding gift or perhaps it was a  Christmas present from your dear mother-in-law. If you have a worn out, dated, or even just an ugly clock that you keep moving from house to house, or room to room,  and the darn thing just keeps on ticking, then maybe it's time to donate it to Goodwill and freshen up your walls with a brand new look.

Clock designs have come a long way in the past twenty years or so. Adding these home accessories to your decor will combine artistic form and color, along with function, that you most likely will use on a daily basis. Now how many accessories do you own that you can say that about? Some clocks may even include additional functions than just giving you the time of day. They may also give you the date, the indoor and outdoor temperatures and even the barometric pressure, if that's the kind of information that you find useful before you venture out into the elements.
Uttermost Brunswick-Clock
A manufacturer that offers some great clock designs is Uttermost. Shown here in this blog post are two clocks that offer you more than just the time of day. How about a clock like the one shown above where to can view some of your favorite photos of the people and places you love the most while you are checking the time of day? If you're a traveler, or frequently do business in other areas of the country or globe, the clock at the right allows you to view two different time zones as well as your own.

Whether your passion is color, gears, animals, contemporary, classic, whimsical, or anything else, you can easily  find a clock in a multitude of sizes, designs, colors, material and style that will fit your personal style and decor.