LEDA Furniture: Italian in Design, Built by Canadian Craftsmen

It is a rare manufacturer that presents hand-crafted, North-American made furniture available in a range of affordable prices and current styles. Here at Carolina Rustica, we have been consistently impressed by Leda Furniture, a family-owned company that makes its product outside of Toronto, Canada. By keeping their total product count to a manageable level, while at the same time refining their production capabilities, Leda Furniture has kept consistent growth and offers an outstanding value to the consumer. A great example of this is the Leda Lounge Collection Staggered Wall Shelf shown at left, with its strong simple lines.

LEDA has been manufacturing fine furniture in Ontario, Canada for over 40 years. They offer timeless collections combining detailed styling with meticulous old world craftsmanship. Beginning in 1967, manufacturing custom-made furniture and parts, Lino Confalone has built LEDA by gradually adding to the product offering.

ACHIEVEMENTS: LEDA is the proud recipient of many coveted TRILLIUM AWARDS for design & manufacturing and as well as GRAND TRILLIUM AWARDS for design/marketing excellence from the Ontario Furniture Manufacturing Association, and the Better Homes and Gardens CONSUMER AWARD in England.

The LEDA Furniture Story

The Leda motto is "Always looking to the future, never losing sight of the past". It was a vision conceived in the heart of Italy, then brought to life in Canada by the company's founders, Lino and Leda Confalone.

Both Lino and Leda's fathers were woodworkers and talented artisans. Following the family tradition, Lino was inspired to create a business working with wood, and rapidly progressed from finishing kitchen cabinets to creating the enterprise we see today. Leda is responsible for such gorgeous pieces such as the Astoria Dresser, seen here in the Retro Mahogany finish on our floor here at Carolina Rustica. Not only is the inlay veneer completely striking, but the hand-cast silver hardware is uniquely beautiful as well.

After a period of great expansion in the 1970s and 1980s, what was once Italcraft became known as the present-day Leda Furniture. "When we changed our name from Italcraft to Leda, it was to show our pride in our all-Canadian made furniture. The name Leda seemed appropriate; it is elegant, unique like Leda, my wife, and like the furniture we create." said Lino. He is justifiably proud of the company's top-of-the-line machinery, including a number of sophisticated CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines, ensuring Leda's status as a truly high-tech furniture manufacturing entity. The couple’s two children are very involved in the family business. Today Marco and Sergio hold the positions of President and Vice President, respectively.