Lets Talk About Mirrored Furniture!

We are seeing more and more of it...antique (or sometimes called "Venetian") mirrored glass inlay on all sorts of furniture pieces, in all types of applications.

Being an old-timer in the business, I've seen quite a few trends come and go (remember all that wormy antique Mexican pine furniture of the 90's?   I do!).   Some trends are just in a natural cycle, and some are making a permanent statement.   I think the judicious use of mirrored accenting is one of the latter, since it really adds a specific design element to furniture, and can be used in everything from dining tables to nightstands.

Lets start with Currey and Company, one of our favorite manufacturers of high end lighting.  Currey incorporates mirrors into chandeliers and their accent furniture.  The Antiqued Mirrored Console shown at left is one of their best-selling pieces, because it is both subtle (i.e. not too flashy) and practical...it can be used ad a console, hall table, or powder room accent piece.  The time-worn details lend a true antique feel to the piece, and it also has a drawer for further practical use.

Another great little piece is the Pulaski Accent table.  Measuring 18 in diam by 26 in high, this cute little table is absolutely the most go-anywhere upscale accent piece we have seen in awhile.  With its use of tiling design, Pulaski shows exactly what a piece of mirrored furniture can do to add zest and interest to a room.  Finding tables this small can be a challenge, since it is difficult to manufacture with mirrors, so this is a particularly interesting find.  Imagine this being used as a small lamp table, a reading table for your favorite spot, or even as a night table in a guest room.  Round tables are handy too, because they can go in tight corners without having to face a particular direction

Hooker Furniture also has an interesting take on mirrored furniture.   Their Mirrored Chairside Table has a much more antiqued appearance, with a softer look that suggests reclaimed mirrors from a bygone era.  This softness is contrasted with the purely functional design of the table, which features a wood-on-wood pullout drawer and a spacious one-shelf interior space.   Again, this could be used as a nightstand, accent table, or powder room accent piece.   Hooker Furniture also has a great portfolio of mirrored furniture in its Sanctuary Collection, which features a soft finish, antique influences, and a gentle, time-worn approach to furniture design.  The idea behind Sanctuary was to create a sense of relaxation and refuge away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Mirrored accenting has been used in lighting for years, in fact for over a century.  From candle lights to gas lights, mirrored backs have been used to augment the light source...a practical means of doubling the lumens for little extra cost.  This tradition has carried down to modern electric sconces and chandliers, where mirrored accent tiles are used as a decorative element in varying degrees.  Most of Carolina Rustica's lighting manufacturers use mirrored accenting to some degree.