The Aico Bedroom: A Romanic Vision by Michael Amini

We all have visions of our ideal bedroom….one that provides the most relaxing environment in which to rest our tired bodies.   For some, that vision is one of stark simplicity, with clean lines and minimal embellishments.  Others prefer a more traditional look, with cherry wood nightstands, a triple dresser, high chest and matching bed (either a panel bed or a poster bed). 

For many, the romantic inspiration of the bedroom is the only way to go, and for those homeowners and designers, there is no greater example of that inspiration than the Aico bedroom.  Michael Amini, the founder, owner, and lead designer for Aico, comes from a background of traditional continental furniture design.  His vision is one based on heritage, upbringing, and his travels around the globe, and his sense of romance and adventure is reflected in each and every bedroom collection.

The top AICO bedroom collections sold by Carolina Rustica consist of the Monte Carlo, Lavelle Blanc, Cortina, and Tuscano.   Thinking about just the names themselves just conjures up images of elaborately carved beds, stately dressers, and massive armoires to hold your entire wardrobe.   If there is one thing that AICO is known for, it is the ornamentation, carvings, and old-world European feel of its gorgeous collections.

The Monte Carlo bedroom collection draws its inspiration from its namesake city that sits on the majestic Mediterranean Sea.  Over the centuries, the city has been built by some of the greatest architects of our world, and with the consistent climate, has drawn people from all over the world to be a part of its style, splendor, and brilliance. This collection from the Michael Amini Signature Series carries on the legend of the Monte Carlo name with its extensive list of features. Finished in Cafe Noir, Monte Carlo can elegantly fit into any home and lifestyle.  The appeal of this collection is that it can make anyone feel as though they are on vacation in Southern Europe.

Another great group is the Cortina bedroom collection.   This Amini inspiration draws its inspirations from the Italian city of Cortina d'Ampezzo, the breathtaking beauty of the mountain ranges, and the wide rivers of the Italian Dolomites.  This AICO bedroom group resembles the beauty of the region, and the striking details of each piece can bring a piece of Northern Italy to any home. Carefully crafted using Birch Solids, and Cherry and Mapa Burl Veneers, this is completed by a Honey Walnut Finish that whispers of calm and serenity.

We love their other grand bedroom group, Tuscano, a long-standing collection that continues to stand out as a best-seller. Tuscany is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance movement, this collection follows tradition, and is highly artistic and unique. It has taken the mediums of marble, leather, wood, metal, and glass, and has woven them all together to create pieces that will stand out in any home, and could easily feel at home in the country, or in a castle. Featuring Pine solids and veneers wrapped in a warm, rustic "Biscotti" finish with clipped corner bombe styling on the case goods, Tuscano brings forth a vision of Italian grandeur. 

There are other Amini Bedroom groups of note, such as the Trevi Collection, Palais Royale, and Vizcaya Collections, each with its own, distinct romantic European overtones.

All of these groups reflect the elaborate and decorative sense of style embodied by Mr. Amini,  who provides so much inspiration to those who purchase and enjoy his products for many years.  He is a man of taste and integrity, and this is reflected in his furniture.    Please call us for more information, or visit this section of our site for AICO bedroom information.