New Currey & Co Product Introductions

Sahara Pendant

Rock the Casbah!
Introduced in the Fall 2010 market, Currey and Co's  new pierced metal pendants were inspired by ancient designs from North Africa and the Middle East. This trend has been around for ages. Europeans and in particular, the French, has been enamored with this look for the past decade. Many well-known interior designers have used this captivating look in an updated
and modern way by mixing furnishings from the 
Amir PendantEast and the West. Currey’s new pendants bring
a distinctive look that goes well with traditional or contemporary great effect. Made of treated iron that has been electroplated with copper and nickel, the pendant base is then finished
with a thick layer of lacquer to prevent oxidation. Some
have the piercing embellished with amber or blue
glass beads while others are simply pierced to allow the
natural light to come through. The pendants become starry canopies when lit in a darkened room.  Find these pendants on Currey's site by clicking here.

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Any of these pendants will add elegant flair and exotic drama to today’s interiors.
The quality of the craftsmanship and the materials make
them a suitable addition to the Currey & Company
product line where handwork and natural materials are
held to high standards.  Find The Amir and Sahara Pendants by Currey and Company

The Empire Strikes Back
Cecil Adams, Currey’s Creative
Director, has curated a
large collection of new furniture
(80 pieces) introduced
at the Fall 2010 High
Point Market. Amongst the
new products, a table stands
out—the Bonaparte Foyer
Table. The table is constructed
of Mindi Solids with mixed parquetry veneers in
the Empire style with an Old
Teak Patina finish and handcarved
lion’s paw legs. The
Empire style emerged during
the reign of Napoleon who
favored clean designs that
for masculine and military effects.

The Bonaparte Table is shown at right, and you can find it on Currey's site by clicking here  

What's Old Is New Again 
Using recycled, reclaimed,and sustainable products
have never been more important. Whatever you want to call it, rough luxe, industrial
Worktop Coffee Tableor farm chic, the design trend is not going away. Even
commercial interiors have look, which we call rough luxe.
The interior is a mixture of polished and rough. Seating is lush upholstery with ornate includes traditional styled chandeliers of carved wood and recycled glass pendants. Wall decor consists of found objects such as industrial gears with a natural rust patina.  The Worktop Coffee Table is shown at left, and embodies these design styles.   Find it on Currey by clicking here!

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