The Paula Deen Furniture Collection by Universal Furniture

We hope everyone has had a GREAT Thanksgiving this year.  We certainly did, enjoying our families and friends, eating way too much, and relaxing by a roaring fire.    Thanksgiving is one of the best times to sit around with family and friends, and that is why it is so timely to write about one of our latest new collection introductions, Paula Deen.

The Paula Deen Collection

Paula Deen Furniture CollectionPaula Deen has become an American icon over the last 10 years, with the charming and accessible manner in which she presents her cooking, lifestyle and home design inspirations. Her philosophy is all about comfort...what you prepare in the kitchen, and who you share it with, should reflect your sense of family and friends. When she started designing and marketing her furniture line through Universal Furniture several years ago, the approach was the same as her approach to cooking. Make the furniture comfortable with a strong sense of American design, but provide enough stylish amenities to make it current to todays busy lifestyle. The result was a furniture collection that has taken the consumer furniture market by storm, and in 2010, remains one of the strongest-selling groups for Universal Furniture. The Paula Deen Furniture Collection will continue to focus on comfortable construction, attention to detail, and a design appeal to a broad swathe of American homeowners.

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About Universal Furniture 
Universal Furniture is recognized as a leader in exceptionally crafted furnishings for the home including complete bedroom, dining room, and occasional products, plus entertainment centers, wall units and home office selections. Their collections span the range of styles from Arts & Crafts to Traditional to Americana. They are a company with a keen awareness of both current design trends and customer demands for high quality at reasonable prices. They have their own in-house collections that reflect these furniture trends, such as Villa Cortina (traditional European) to Kentwood (Transitional) to Rough Luxe (Arts & Crafts).
Universal is also known for their branded collections, which have taken the market by storm over the last few years. Their best-selling collection has been the Paula Deen Home Furniture Collection, a wonderful group of comfortable family-style furnishings inspired by her Southern roots. Universal also has the Pennsylvania House Collection, one of the most recognized names in traditional American furniture over the last few generations.
Universal Furniture also tags their products with the smART design icon..smART design enters a more intelligent dimension with built-in features that make these beautiful furnishings function artfully. These built-in innovations are designed to fit your furniture to the way you live.