Recession-Proof Furniture

I have been around long enough to suffer through three recessions (although this one is the worst of those, in my opinion). As certain as it is that we will eventually pull through this downturn, it is also predictable that we will see lots of media coverage of "returning to the basics". Not that this is a bad thing, on the contrary, but how many articles on the benefits of meatloaf and mashed potatoes can we read? (you know, comfort food and all that). But the basics also include spending more time with friends and family, making things last longer, and shopping smarter. Maybe this was inevitable, given the excesses of the past few years, but its not always a bad thing to revisit the classics across all lifestyle aspects.

Part of this Return to Basics is a resurgence of traditional design, particularly in the home and fashion markets. We see traditional design as longer-lasting, perhaps more conservatively tailored to reflect a more somber mood. But nothing could be farther than the truth! In fact, today's "Traditional" furniture styles incorporate elements from many design influences, and no collection reflects that better than Lexington Furnitures outstanding new Barclay Square Collection.

Taking traditional elements into the new age, the Barclay Square Bedroom features a rich blending of materials and design elements. With supple nail-trimmed leather, bold zebra patterns on upholstered benches, and the warm luster of the Brownstone finish on Rustic Cherry, the collection exudes an air of sophisticated and understated elegance. For example, the Columbia Accent Chest shown at left features a deep cranberry finish behind elegant door with brass inlay and hardware. Its a stunning, classical piece, however, shown with the Kendal Leather Wing Chair, the traditional form takes on a unique and eclectic appearance. This effect is even more prominent when supplemented by the Park Drive Mirror with its captivating sunburst effect.

Another wonderful use of this cranberry hue takes form with the Hyde Park Arm Chair, shown at right surrounding the breathtaking Abingdon Dining Table. Its a picture of traditional elegance, but the designs are augmented with some updated touches to make this furniture truly timeless. Also pictured is are a pair of Greenwhich Display Cabinets, which feature gentle downlights and antiqued glass doors. Modern updates include a fabric-backed interior in linen and chenille.

The recession is a temporary thing, but your furniture will last for years and years. I don't think there is a better choice than The Barclay Square Collection to satisfy your yearning for traditional furniture with a current day influence.