High Point Wrap Up

I'm sure I have written about the High Point Furniture Market before...the penultimate furniture event that happens twice a year here in North Carolina. Although it is true that much of the NC furniture manufacturing capacity has moved overseas, and although it is true that Las Vegas has a newer, flashier, competing furniture market...High Point is still king. It is true that I am biased, having been a visitor to the HP market for over 15 years now, but still, the scope and breadth of the market is still astounding despite the challenges.

It is very difficult to say what the overall design trend is this year. Manufacturers are just happy to sell anything right now, whether its "in style" or not. In fact, I guess the overall design trend is "whatever will sell". But thats not a bad thing...instead of pushing out collections to the retailers (like us) that they hope will sell, manufacturers are looking as closely as possible to what is piquing consumers interest. I am going to focus on one particular trend in this post and add more in later updates.

The most obvious trend is an increasing use of organic, reclaimed and recycled materials. This includes the use of cast-off materials in the design and incorporation of life-like, naturalistic designs. Here are a few that we carry that typify this trend.

The Soma Series by Palecek is a "green" collection from Palecek, featuring unique recycled wood plank tops mounted on an iron base in matte chocolate finish. The recycled tops will vary in grain and color, of course. This is a totally fashionable and stylish minimalist design using unique materials, only from Palecek. There is a coffee table, end table, and console table in this collection, and it does indeed reflect a great use of reclaimed material.

In that same spirit, Bago Luma has a wonderful collection of Myrtlewood Furniture, which uses wood that was discovered in a forgotten warehouse. Myrtlewood grows in small groves throughout the coastal areas of Southwestern Oregon and the southern Pacific Coast. The wood was sliced into thick slabs almost 30 years ago, and had been in dry storage since. The shape of the slabs is very irregular and the natural bark is still attached to many pieces. No other hardwood excels myrtlewood in beauty of grain and variety of coloring, and Bago Luma did a great job of incorporating this rescued wood into its designs. (Please call us at 800-205-7819 if you are interested in this collection).

Another one of our absolute favorite suppliers using organic materials is Currey and Company. The Malaga Chandelier is a perfect example of how brilliantly they bring found materials into a design, and not only build around it, but actually build from it for inspiration. This breathtaking chandelier is made from recovered sea urchin spines! I have never seen anything like it, and actually bought one there on the spot in Currey's High Point showroom. The way this chandelier flows, using the elongated shape of the spines, to create a stunning visual presentation, all in a manner that can be incorporated into any number of interior designs. Its exotic and yet accessible. This piece measures 22rd x 42h and, although it is not yet on our site, can be ordered for late spring delivery.

Lastly, a very sophisticated take by Century Furniture, as green a company as I have ever had the pleasure to represent. They incorporate earth-conscious procedures in everything they do, from use of renewable domestic hardwood to recycling every used resource they can. This commitment to the environment is also the essence of the Natural Collection from Century. The delicate balance of enduring design and enduring materials - Long sweeping lines, graceful curves and generous dimensions complemented with luxurious organic fabrics. Handcrafted here in NC from the finest sustainable materials, using time-honored craftsmanship, Century's Natural Collection is a great reflection of how manufacturers can honor the materials from which they are made by bringing the full beauty of that material to the surface. (Please call us at 800-205-7819 if you are interested in this collection).

Next post I'll be exploring some of the color trends that were most prevalent at High Point, as well as some trends in functionality with regards to home office an entertainment.