The First of March

Now admittedly, February is not usually our strongest month.   Valentine's Day is a big event for lots of customers, and we all look forward to it as a way to chase away the winter blah's.   So retailers jump on the chance to promote Presidents Day Sales (which we did) as a way to bolster business.  Our sale was primarily focused on a factory-authorized Lexington Home Brands sale.  Actually, I just noticed that the sale banner was still up.  Sigh. 

Anyway, that promotion was definitely a help, but this February was still pretty slow.  Our manufacturer reps have told me that February orders just fell off a cliff for everyone, across all types of stores.   Large retailers, mom-and-pops, and the in-betweens like Carolina Rustica.   Basically, there was nothing good in the news to give folks an incentive to re-decorate or upgrade their furnishings or lighting.   I think we should take an opposite tack, and this should be the time for us to reinvest in those little things at home that make us happy, whether its a new accent lamp, a cutting board, or that Barcalounger you have always wanted!  After all (and I am trying not to sound irresponsible, but...) investing in furniture is certainly than anything else you could put your money into!  Instead of stuffing under a a new Spring Air Mattress!  You'll still have plenty left over to stuff somewhere else, at least if you shop from us.

Anway, February has drawn to a close and we can all take a breath and get ready for March, which is living up to its credo "In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb".  As I look out the window, we are getting a dumping of white stuff, unusual for the Carolinas this time of year.  Actually, it looks quite lovely, and I think I will enjoy the moment and we'll let March take care of itself.