Emerging Styles and Trends from Golden Lighting

This article was provided to us from Golden Lighting, one of our preferred lighting suppliers who is really making an impact on the lighting world. Golden Lighting is recognized as one of the hottest new lighting companies to come along in years. Combining outstanding designs with accessible pricing, Golden Lighting offers exceptional value for "everyday lighting for everyday living". Golden Lighting features collections with stunning combinations, such as white marble glass and pewter, a classic fusion. The simple curves create a traditional and familiar feel but with a fresh approach. These fixtures are the perfect complement for any decor. Rubbed bronze is perfectly paired with the tea stone glass in another combination that freshens up a very classy look. The elegant curves and delicate filigrees give this collection a refined touch. Rubbed Bronze with while marble glass is also a classic look with its simple curves and delicate features. A trendy rubbed bronze finish sets off the white marble glass for a more contemporary look.

This article is from a recent Newsletter sent to us by Golden Lighting, written by Carolina Lares, their product designer. It has some great insights as to current trends and concerns that are shaping the lighting world.

With our commitment to provide our customers with great product and great service, we dedicate time to research the current and future styles, as well as, color trends to pick the right material, the right finish and the right style that applies to all our new designs; providing our customers with the latest information and new product that fits the needs of the actual market and the emerging market trends.

The necessity for a greener planet, the world concern about the economical situation, and the optimism for a better future played a very important roll in the 2009 color and trend forecast. Trend watchers see furniture styles going every where, from modern to traditional, from regency to country, from ethnic to eclectic styles. This proves that consumers are not driven by trendy styles. They care more for a home decor that shows their personality and taste, but at the same time, they demand for products that are truly Green because they want to live responsibly and committed to the environment. On the other hand, the economical crisis pushed consumers to play safer when decorating their homes and it resulted in an emerging trend for styles that are classic such as the traditional and the contemporary.

Today’s emerging traditional style combine intense colors with unexpected materials and metallic accents over simplified silhouettes, creating a fresh and updated look to the traditional décor. Organic materials, shapes and colors borrowed from nature, are playing an important role in any interior decoration. Today’s emerging modern style is inspired by the printed patterns from the late 1960s and early 1970s and it is moving towards the classic modern. It emphasizes the geometric shapes such as angles, squares, rectangles, circles and clean lines used during the groovy movement from last century. The usage of bright colors and the contrast of a single color against black creating psychedelic patterns will become more prominent. This style will also include paisleys, flowers, mini-print floral and pop art. Ethnic styles still popular and they go from Asia to Moroccan to Mexican to Latin American and when is combined with a traditional style creates a more casual and transitional look. The eclectic style still very common, it allows consumers to incorporate in their home décor elements and or items that have different styles that reflects their own personality.

The color trends watchers see 2009 colors ranging from lilac mauve to cool olive with purple being the most prevalent; this color will open the doors for the country style. Metallic and neutral colors are still in, as well as pastel colors. However, the last ones will be more saturated. The lemon color, one of the new pastels, will be more edgy than in the past, as well, as more complex; it will show a deep influence of gray and green and is expected to be the more predominant. Metallic colors will be very important from now on, especially with the growing usage of the neutral colors. The new metal colors are platinum, dark silver (pewter) and gold. The gold colors will get stronger and reddish such as rose gold and copper, while basic silver will decline. Blue is another color that will grow stronger in the future and it will replace the green. The neutral colors will stay in but the grays will become cooler and eventually they will replace the browns. Bright colors from exotic ethnical countries like India, China and Turkey, such as reds, oranges, turquoise and yellows will be very vivid and will provide us with the optimism needed during the actual economical crises.

All the above information was considered when we designed and decided to introduce our latest three fixture families, Genevieve, Loretto and Portland. Their style, finish and material are a conclusion to on our dedicated research into market trends. The gold metallic finishes from Loretto and Genevieve combined with the organic frames and the flower inspiration for the glass place these two families “right on spot” of the current and emerging trends. Portland accentuates the organic shapes using a finish that creates contrast between the frame, the ornamental elements and the glass providing glamorous elegance to any room with each piece.

We think that Golden Lighting is certainly one of your best options when finding the right balance between style, budget, and environmental concerns. Shop for Golden Lighting by clicking here