Thanksgiving Trade-Offs

This year, there is a certain desperation and uneasiness lingering about the Thanksgiving, which may be a good thing.    Retailers (and we are one of them, don't forget) are starting their sales pitches earlier than ever in an attempt to generate some enthusiasm for holiday spending.  We are all nervous about the shopping season because we know the smart people will be holding back on spending.  I personally have cut back on a number of little items, and I know our own Carolina Rustica customers certainly have.  So, we are sending out email offers like crazy (BTW, you can sign up here and I promise it is worth it) and trying to get our customers in the holiday (i.e. spending) spirit.

But as I said, maybe this uneasiness is in fact a good thing.  With folks holding back on purchases, and everyone reducing their holiday spending plans, we might have more time to concentrate on the important things, like visiting with family and friends, doing some charity work, self-improvement, whatever.  

I live far from my family and my wife's family, but we have a family of our own with 2 little energetic girls, and I know I will be spending as much time with them as possible.  Being the owner of a retail store, I don't get much of a break over Thanksgiving, but I do treasure the time I have with them.    Even though our business is very slow, I try to remember that it is in fact giving more people time to spend with their loved ones, so its not a bad thing.  Its a trade-off I'll take. 
(it would be nice to see SOME improvement sometime soon, though).

Happy Thanksgiving All!