Revisiting the Blogosphere

Maintaining a useful blog that folks actually want to read is hard work, especially when your main business is selling furniture and lighting to in-store and online customers.  I am going to give it a try, again, and offer small bits of design advise that can be used in any capacity.   I will try not to make it one long advertisement for Carolina Rustica but obviously that is where most of my experience comes from.

My name is Richard Sexton, and I am the owner of aforementioned company.   I won't relate all of our company history, because you can just click this link to read it yourself on our site.  I will say, however, that after 13 years in the business, this is as tumultuous a time as I have ever experienced.   Companies that were once leaders in out industry are falling by the wayside, and there are many furniture and lighting retailers out there on very shaky ground.  I wouldn't say our ground is shaky, but it definitely has a few tremors.   We are all going to emerge from this with a new appreciation for our business and customers.