Manufacturer Spotlight -- Kincaid Furniture

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Kincaid Furniture Logo
Starting from J. Wade Kincaid who started out at as a worker in a company his heart grew fond of furniture and built up his savings to purchase a furniture company of his own in 1946.

Kincaid started with producing solid wood cedar chest and wardrobes, and with only 24 employees made about 20 items per day. Today some of those original
chests and wardrobes are now heirlooms. He was then asked to expand his productions to full bedroom suites, and with that success he then expanded again to make dining room and occasional furniture pieces.
With such amazing quality of his solid wood furniture, his business grew. His customers didn't mind waiting for their pieces. Due to the growth, Kincaid's business became the first manufacturing furniture company to own fleet of trucks.

Today the company still has not lost site of it's starting values: The commitment to quality solid wood casegoods, stylish upholstery and providing the best the product the industry has to offer.

Kincaid's Solid Wood Furniture
At Kincaid they strive to use only premium Solid Wood in their furniture.
Most other manufacturers use veneer in combination with laminates and particle board construction and shape their edges with plastic. Kincaid stands above them and does not use veneer, particle board and only use edges shaped from wood. 
Kincaid's joining construction for their case goods they use mortise and tenon, which join pieces together at 90 degrees. The drawer construction uses non-tilting, dovetailed and a guide is used in installation. The Solid Wood chairs are crafted using glue and screw technique across a finger jointed corner; this adds strength while reducing flex across joints.
They also use a 'floating' concept and mechanism to ensure that pieces can self-center as well as ensure that, due to change in humidity in the house, your furniture expands/contracts normally will not affect the pieces integrity.
Kincaid's Customer Upholstery
With over 50 sofa styles and close to 600 fabrics, Kincaid's Upholstery line should come close to satisfying any customer's needs. This would include comfort as well. A sofa is only as good as it sits. With 8 grades of fabric and the Sinuous Wire or 8-Way Hand Tied construction and the choice of 5 seat cushions, there are enough options to provide the comfort desired. If a typical furniture size will not fit, Kincaid's Custom Select Program allows you to choose everything from the overall length to the style of the arm, back and base.
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