New Changes

Alright Folks!

For those who have noticed, and for those who haven't, we have changed our sites header and navigation menu. Instead of a lot of words, and confusing where to go, things have been simplified with large icons.

Everything is grouped based on the type of piece you are looking for. Just browsing or looking for something particular -
The Furniture Tab separates things into Rooms.
The Upholstery tab focuses mainly on those items that are upholstered and most people want customized.
The Home Accents tab shows all those wonderful additions that you can add to your house, these are going to be everything but furniture.
Lastly the Lighting tab puts all those different types of lights into one place.
At any time that you wish to see more than what is in those tabs, they all have a link for you to shop more of that section, just click the link between the lines below the icons.

Also, a wonderful simplified Brands section on each tab shows the most popular Manufacturers on our site for those sections. Don't see the brand, just click the link at the end to Show All Brands. (this will take you to Furniture and Lighting Brands)

And another wonderful change, which i won't spend too long telling you about is that Large, yes  much Larger search bar. It's bigger just for you! Because when you can't find exactly what you are looking for, you need to know that that search bar is there for you, and so you won't miss it!