Decorate That Holiday Table

Alright, its about that time that we all need to start thinking about dressing that table for our holiday gatherings.

Here are some ideas to make that table a little more inviting!

Leaf Thanksgiving Place Cards
Image Source: Thanksgiving Place Cards
     Do you know who is attending?
          Handmade name cards are something that will help make the table seem formal as well as personalized! Plus, it's something they could take home, or for you to reuse the next year!

     Do you want to add something to those chairs to make them look a little more festive?
          Try adding sheer fabric, or wrapping ribbon around the backs, or both! This will dress up the chairs and still let you see the pretty chairs you have! What to only add a splash of color? Take some flowers and wrap the stems, leave some extra string and tie them to the chair back!

     Round table?
          Try a circular doily and a center piece. If you would rather use a square, a large napkin is great to use as a center piece base.

     Long Rectangular table?
          Don't have a long table running? Try using two and putting a large center piece in the middle and then smaller ones in the center of the runners - or even a few smaller ones along the running.
          Try to spread out something along the center of the table if you don't have a runner. Garlands are a good idea that you can add things to easily to use as a center piece as well as a table runner.

gorgeous floral pumpkin centerpiece for Thanksgiving
Image Source: Thanksgiving Centerpiece
     Center piece ideas?
         Single pieces are easy and can be easily placed with little to no effort. You can use a low and wide arrangement or go the complete opposite with something tall and slender.
          Don't want to have a single center piece? Candles are the best! They come in all different colors, shapes, and my favorite -- scents! Why not group together a few and spread some holiday cheer with a rich holiday scent!
          If you aren't convinced with candles (or are just not feeling the open flame idea), use something from the season! Mix and match, add ribbon, go crazy! There are a millions of ideas for non candle center pieces!