10 Tips For Decorating Your Living Room

There are a lot of things you should take into consideration when decorating your living room. Budget plays a big part in determining what decisions you make. You also should think about the style of your home and what will suit the rest of your house. As well as the furniture you will need to decide on your flooring, lighting, as well as whether you have curtains or blinds on your windows. Once your living room redecoration is done you might want to look at hiring a commercial cleaning company to give the room a thorough going over.


It can be a good idea to start from the ground and work your way up. Choosing your flooring can sometimes help determine other choices you make when it comes to decorating. The type of carpet your might pick will depend on whether your room is going to be more formal, and perhaps used less, or whether you will need a more hard wearing type of carpet because it will be somewhere that the family will spend a lot of time. You might choose to have floorboards, which you can dress up with a rug.


The colors you choose for your walls can greatly affect the mood of your room. Painting your home a lighter color can also make your room appear larger. A darker color, or more solid shade, will make your room appear smaller. If you want to have a more vibrant color, but feel it will be a bit much in your room, you can paint one wall and make it a feature.


You will need to consider whether you want curtains, blinds or perhaps even shutters on your windows. Curtains can be a more formal look, although they can be dressed up or down. Roller blinds are a cheaper option to curtains and can be easily installed yourself. Don't forget to consider the outside of your windows, where you could have shutters, or even a blind that drops down to block out the sun.


Choosing furniture is where your individual taste will really come to the fore. Your choices will be influenced by whether the room is going to be more formal or a casual space. The size of the room will affect how much furniture you put in the room, and also the style of your home. A more modern home often calls for a more minimalist look, with less furniture being displayed. Period homes work well with the cozy that having more furniture can bring.


Don't forget your walls when you are decorating your living room. If you have a large budget you might want to get some special original pieces for your walls, such as oil paintings, pastels or water colors. You can still buy great art work on a budget, even if it is a reproduction print.


Think about where the main traffic will be through your room and position your furniture so that it is not in the way.


Consider how easy your room is going to be to clean when you start decorating. If you are not an enthusiastic cleaner and can't afford to hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you, perhaps it is not a good idea to have lots of trinkets and other fussy items on display, which will require a lot of fairly constant dusting.


Before you start, think about whether you want a space that is good for entertaining. Do you need to incorporate an open area for large groups of guests to mingle, or should you even put aside an area for a bar? In fact, why not have the space versatile enough to do both? There are many bar options available today that take up very little space but can store most everything you need and even have tops that can expand to offer you a reasonable amount of surface space.


How practical is your lounge room going to be for your lifestyle? If you will use the room a lot or you have children perhaps choose more hard wearing carpet, or choose a paint for your walls that will be easy to wipe mess off.

Casual or formal

The first thing you need to decide is whether your living room is going to be a casual or formal space. The rest of your decisions, such as the type of furniture you choose, the carpets and the curtains, will all depend on the style of room.

Don't forget to plan your decorating, so that you get it right the first time around.