3 Popular Interior Design Styles From Around the World

When looking at designing the interior to your house or just a single room it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. You have to think of what colour to paint the walls, what kind of flooring to use (do you use carpet or tiles in the living room?) and what kind of furnishings to buy.  Often choosing a particular interior style or theme can help you make such design decisions.

But which style to choose?

These days there is an array of different styles, ranging from traditional style, to country style, or to the psychedelic style of the 60s and 70s. So, to help anyone thinking about interior design, the current 3 most popular interior designs, inspired by different parts of the world, shall be outlined below.

Tropical Island Interior Themes

Many people these days want their home to look and feel like they are on a constant vacation on a tropical sunset island.

With tropical influenced interiors, wall colours are usually a contrast of sandy beiges and soft brown tones to create the effects of a beach environment, with hues of green (for foliage) and blue (for the ocean). You essentially want to create light and airy feelings with a sense of warmth.

Wood or tiled floors (with natural fibre rugs) are the best kinds of flooring to use, as they look really great in a tropical interior.

When it comes to furniture, anything that is wicker, rattan or bamboo suits the tropical theme. Combined with bright sunny coloured pillows and bedspreads can add a real tropical island warmth to the place.

Other accessories can include:

  • tropical indoor plants
  • bamboo or wooden blinds
  • wooden carvings
  • shells
Tuscan Interior Themes

The look of the “old world” still enchants many.  If you want to create an atmosphere of Italy’s lush fields and vineyards, then the Tuscan style is perfect.

When painting the walls use olive greens, yellows and wine hues – you want a combination of natural and warm colours. If you are going to use a paint finish, go for a look that creates the impression of stucco or venetian plaster. This will add a feeling of authenticity to your Tuscan theme.

When considering flooring materials, use hardwood and stone tile covered floors. These do really well in establishing that Italian country feeling.

As for furnishings, choose chairs, bed frames and lighting fixtures that are either wrought iron or scrolled metal looking. This will contribute to the rustic appearance and feeling of Tuscany.

Other accessories can include:

  • fruit displays
  • Italian styled urns or vases
  • Hanging wall tapestries
  • anything that harks back to the old world

Asian Interior Designed Themes

Asian inspired interior designs embody the rich tones of China and Japan and can inspire Chinese opulence or Japanese minimalism.

When it comes to the colours used in you oriental styled rooms, if you are going for Japanese minimalism, use soft whites and parchment colours or mellow greys and stone colours. As the Chinese style is more graphic, it’s good to go for ruby and gold colours or sapphire and emerald colours.

With flooring, wooden floorboards are conventionally used, however, many designers are also opting for ceramic and stone tiling. Asian styled rugs also add a nice finish.

Furniture made out of wood or bamboo is a good choice to creating an oriental atmosphere.

Other accessories can include:

  • blue and white porcelain jars
  • Red vases
  • roll up blinds
  • oriental decorative objects i.e. statues, fans etc.