A Great Article on Outdoor Lighting from The ELK Lighting Group

The weather is nice and toasty, and its time to plan some of those fabulous outdoor parties and events, and dress your home up for the occasion. Outdoor lighting enhances the overall beauty of your home. Front entrance lighting , as well as overall outdoor lighting is the first thing that welcomes your guests as they approach your home. It is the first impression of your home. It is important to take extra time in selecting the proper light and style for both visual appeal and security. For example, the stunning Barrington Gate Collection shown at right adds an impressive note to the overall tone on this home.   It is a perfect match for the stucco and tile construction, as well.   You can find Barrington Gate by Elk Lighting by clicking here on our website.

Wall lanterns and chain hung lanterns will give your home a warm, welcoming look, while assuring the safety of your guests and family. They can also set the right mood for relaxation and outdoor entertaining.
Plan on using pier mounts or post lights near driveways and walkways.

Matching the lighting style to the house is of the utmost importance.   In the example above, we see how the lights provide a wonderful compliment to the house style.   Another example is with the Sedona Lighting Group.  Simplicity of craft and form give the Sedona Collection a very attractive look through its minimalist approach.  Inspired by the architecture and lifestyle of the southwest, the group nonetheless has an appeal that works for homes with clean lines, such as the residence shown at the left.  This home, while not necessarily "southwestern", really benefits from the sharp mission angles of the Sedona design.  You can find the Sedona Lighting Collection by Elk Lighting by clicking on this link.

Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Tips
Several outdoor fixtures from ELK in the Barrington Gate collection have been certified Energy Star products.  In addition, you can find many that are compatible with LED—Long lasting bulbs with energy savings greater than compact fluorescent bulbs.  Of course, homeowners are most familiar with Compact Fluorescent (CFL) - Readily available, uses existing fixture’s sockets, more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Exterior lighting is one of the best places to use CFLs because of their long life. If you live in a cold climate buy a lamp with a cold weather ballast since standard CFLs may not work well below 40*F. Elk Lighting even offers som lights powered by small Photovoltaic (PV) modules that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Consider PV-powered lights for areas that are not near an existing power supply line. Outdoor lights with a photocell unit and motion sensor will turn on only at night or when someone is present.