H Potter is Back!

No, of course we don't mean wizard-of-note "H Potter", but we do mean H Potter, manufacturer and designer of Wardian Cases, Iron Gazebos, and Outdoor Furniture.

Remember the movie (its only a few years old) "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"? It had this incredible set, and one of the main scenes was in this crazy indoor garden, with all these mutated plants and animals sitting in these gothic and victorian-looking terrariums. Those are H Potters! Called "Wardian Cases", I suppose because they were popular during Edwardian times in England, these are really gorgeous terrariums that can be put to a variety of uses. I use mine for growing a combination of succulents and African Violets, which just love the high humidity you can create under glass. They always seem to be blooming...I'll post a picture when I get that part of my house cleaned up. They have an inset plastic tray, so holding soil and moisture is not a problem. The WAR117 Large Wardian Case is shown at above, which is the one I have.

Customers also use these Wardian Cases for display of dried florals or bouquets (we have had post-brides use them to preserve their florals, a very clever idea). Other uses include display of delicate collectibles or statues, and some ingenious people have even wired them for accent lighting.

H Potter has also introduced some great-looking outdoor furniture as well, which uses a vinyl-resin wicker, combined with teak or glass. The wicker is wrapped around an aluminum frame, and is extremely durable and long lasting, much moreso than "real" wicker. Here in the South, its really the best choice because of its resistance to sun degradation.
Lastly, I must mention their gazebos. H Potter has some fanstastic designs, such as the Empire Gazebo shown at left, that will turn your property into a real showplace. Imagine sipping wine late into the evening with friends, in the comforting structure of this gazebo, with gentle lights flickering and stars above. Thats what summer is all about, isn't it?