Encouragingly, all the work we have been doing at Carolina Rustica with increased advertising seems to be working. Being a 14 year veteran of independent retail, I am extremelysuperstitious about saying things are going better. But we have definitely been busier these last three months, and Saturday was one of our strongest days ever. That is due mostly to theLexington Memorial Weekend Sale, which is a real sale because Lexington only authorizes sales twice a year. There is a lot of pent-up demand for the wonderful collections within Lexington, particularly the Tommy Bahama Collection, our best-selling group for our entire store. The phones did not stop ringing all day long. Today, on Memorial Day Monday, it was quieter but still steady. The sale ends on Wednesday and I am curious to see how it brings us along relative to last year. I have been reviewing my Twitter posts and certainly by my daily comments we are definitely busier day by day. We are all happy that Jessica G. will be returning to us in Customer Service/Purchasing. Jessica worked for CR for two years, and is now coming back to the fold (next week).

Remember that you should be buying your ceiling fans NOW before it gets too hot. There is no better way to save on air conditioning expenses, and with the new government requirements comparing fan efficincies, you can shop for the fan best suited to your design needs and target energy consumption. Take a look at the Casablanca Panama Ceiling Fan for an example (our best-selling fan) The chart shown on the product page gives a good idea of how the air flow efficiencies create a standard measurement for comparison



Cubic Feet Per Minute
Electricity Use


Watts (excludes lights)


Cubic Feet Per Minute
Compare: 49in. to 60in. ceiling fans have airflow efficiencies ranging from approximately 51 to 176 cubic feet per minute per watt at high speed.