We are the Long Tail

What on Earth is the "Long Tail", you may rightly ask? Well, it means a few things to those who work in internet technologies...it could be a very long keyword search you put into Google, if you are searching for a particular product. Or it could mean, quite literally, the tail of your mouse that you move around to navigate the internet (See "Word of Mouse" on Wikipedia). In most instances, though, the Long Tail refers to the long reach of internet markets and the technology and advertising platforms that allow customers to connect with sellers like Carolina Rustica.

We were recently asked to do a short video for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that represents many of our advertiser and technology providers. They are, quite rightly, lobbying to make sure the internet stays FREE. That is a very very important thing. If the cable or telephone companies had their way, there would be a free (i.e. slow, spammy, and fairly uninteresting) internet, and a higher-speed, "paid" internet that we could access. Two internets? Impossible and totally impractical, not to mention a good way to kill innovation, interactivity, social networking, and everything that makes the internet fun.

So here is our video in support of IAB. Its an overview of Carolina Rustica, but really its about how we are part of a larger industry that helps employ people and drive the engine of commerce. Enjoy!