Monthly Product Updates - June & July

Monthly Product Updates

We're constantly adding products to our site both clearance and regular items. Today we are featuring our regular items.

For June and July, we've been a little busy with large updates for two brands: Emerson Bentley (previously Emerson et Cie) and Bradington-Young.
Here is a little taste of some the new items were added from each Manufacturer.

Emerson Bentley

Emerson Bentley Darrien Chest

3 Drawers with two handle pulls
Carved feet and Fretwork design on front of each drawer

Emerson Bentley Rutherford Dining Table

1-22in leaf, Extends table to 98in
Veneered Top

Emerson Bentley Mischa Bench

Shown in #18 Athens. Arm Height: 29. Seat Height: 21.
Pillows Included: 2-Bolsters

Emerson Bentley Serpentine Credenza

4 Doors
2 Adjustable shelves in center & 2 Adjustable shelves on each side

Emerson Bentley Bridgetown II King Poster Bed

Shown in Wisdom Mist fabric.
Upholstered Headboard and Footboard.


Bradington-Young Lowery Swivel Tub Chair

Shown in 9131-88 Leather. Price will vary depending on Leather or Fabric selection.
Made in America.

Bradington-Young Gianna Stationary Chair

Shown in 9886-88 Leather. Price will vary depending on Leather or Fabric selection.
Made in America.

Bradington-Young Envision Laconica Sectional

Overall size: 147 in. W x 77 in. D x 68 in. H.
Made in America.

Bradington-Young Envision Twirl Stationary Sofa

Overall size: 90 in. W x 99 in. D x 39 in. H.
Made in America.

Bradington-Young Neal Stationary Chair

Shown in 9130-96 Leather. Price will vary depending on Leather or Fabric selection.
Made in America.

Manufacturer Spotlight -- Kincaid Furniture

Have you ever wanted to know more about a particular Manufacturer that we carry? Well, look no further! Here we're going to revisit the special qualities that make these companies worth buying!

Let's put the light on...
Kincaid Furniture Logo
Starting from J. Wade Kincaid who started out at as a worker in a company his heart grew fond of furniture and built up his savings to purchase a furniture company of his own in 1946.

Kincaid started with producing solid wood cedar chest and wardrobes, and with only 24 employees made about 20 items per day. Today some of those original
chests and wardrobes are now heirlooms. He was then asked to expand his productions to full bedroom suites, and with that success he then expanded again to make dining room and occasional furniture pieces.
With such amazing quality of his solid wood furniture, his business grew. His customers didn't mind waiting for their pieces. Due to the growth, Kincaid's business became the first manufacturing furniture company to own fleet of trucks.

Today the company still has not lost site of it's starting values: The commitment to quality solid wood casegoods, stylish upholstery and providing the best the product the industry has to offer.

Kincaid's Solid Wood Furniture
At Kincaid they strive to use only premium Solid Wood in their furniture.
Most other manufacturers use veneer in combination with laminates and particle board construction and shape their edges with plastic. Kincaid stands above them and does not use veneer, particle board and only use edges shaped from wood. 
Kincaid's joining construction for their case goods they use mortise and tenon, which join pieces together at 90 degrees. The drawer construction uses non-tilting, dovetailed and a guide is used in installation. The Solid Wood chairs are crafted using glue and screw technique across a finger jointed corner; this adds strength while reducing flex across joints.
They also use a 'floating' concept and mechanism to ensure that pieces can self-center as well as ensure that, due to change in humidity in the house, your furniture expands/contracts normally will not affect the pieces integrity.
Kincaid's Customer Upholstery
With over 50 sofa styles and close to 600 fabrics, Kincaid's Upholstery line should come close to satisfying any customer's needs. This would include comfort as well. A sofa is only as good as it sits. With 8 grades of fabric and the Sinuous Wire or 8-Way Hand Tied construction and the choice of 5 seat cushions, there are enough options to provide the comfort desired. If a typical furniture size will not fit, Kincaid's Custom Select Program allows you to choose everything from the overall length to the style of the arm, back and base.
option to either

If you have further questions about Kincaid, call us at 800-205-7819

Leather Grades Explained Featuring Bradington-Young

One question that your friendly Carolina Rustica Furniture Specialist will ask you as you’re selecting your new Bradington-Young furniture piece is “What leather grade would you like?” Lots of people are unsure of the reasoning for certain prices for certain leather grades. What do the numbers mean? Is one better than the other? Basically, the grades are determined by the cost of the hides. Determining the grade of leather you need should be based off how often the furniture will be used.

Price and Leather Grades
Bradington-Young offers 6 grades of leather – all of which are excellent in quality. Grade 1 is the lowest in price of leather and Grade 6 is the highest in price. We usually recommend Grades 1 and 2 for every day usage. These leather grade prices are the lowest due to the amount of changes the leather must go through in order to withstand the elements of an environment. Grade 6 leathers go through the least amount of processing, therefore leaving the hide to be more pure and show natural characteristics like barbed wire marks. These leathers also give off a great worn-in look. Grade 6 leathers are also the most delicate; the less that is done to a cow hide, the more delicate and expensive it will be.

Leather Protection
Lower grades of leather can come protected/finished (F) which is recommended for durability purposes. Another option is Aniline Plus. Aniline Plus (AP) leathers are soft and supple like true aniline but also has a protective coating for durability. Aniline (A) are the most delicate of leathers and have the least amount of processing.

Hopefully this will help clear up some confusion when deciding on a leather grade for your new leather furniture. If you have any questions or need more details, you can always call us at 800-205-7819 and we will happily assist you! Click here to view more Bradington-Young furniture.

4th of July Treats and Decor Ideas

I know everyone is super excited about Celebrating 4th of July as well as the awesome 3-day weekend we're coming upon.

I've gathered here a few ideas for you to explore and share with your friends and family for your own celebrations. I also wanted to touch points on a few safety and concerns that arise during these festivities.

First off lets share some great ideas to decorate your spread.
Patriotic Rice Krispy Treats
Patriotic Rice Krispy Treats

Patriotic Rice Krispy Treats

Create these cute little treats for a quick finger food. No one can resist a Krispy treat, so why not whip up a batch of these and pass them out at your party?!

Quick Instructions:
Make a normal batch of Rice Krispy treats, then make 2 more batches, dying one red and the other blue. Stack the three in a "Red, White, and Blue" fashion, pressing them firmly together to ensure they are attached. Finish up cutting either with a star cookie cutter, or in squares, or however you wish to dish up this delicious morsel.

Firework Dogs
Firework Dogs
Firework Dogs

A classic that is quick and easy to make. These are great to bring some color and excitement to your table as well as a big hit with everyone at your gathering.

Quick Instructions:
Take a long bamboo skewer and thread a hot dog down at least an inch or two. Use biscuit or a bread dough and wrap around the hot dog, being sure to leave some of the hot dog visible between each twist. Bake accordingly to the biscuit instructions. Take a tiny star cookie cutter and cut some cheese stars. Carefully stick the cheese star on the top of the skewer. Gather your Firework Dogs and stick them into a jar or canister so they can stand up. Display with pride with other patriotic decorations.

Red White Blue Cheese Cake Strawberries
Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Bites
Red White & Blue Cheesecake Bites

A healthy finger food that most will enjoy, which takes hardly any time, but will add color and excitement to your table. You can bring these along and nibble on while you enjoy a light show of fireworks.

Quick Instructions:
Gather strawberries, blueberries, some cream cheese,confectioners sugar and almond extract. Cut your strawberries in half, for easier plating, cut a little flat surface on the underside. Mix and whip together your cream cheese, sugar and almond extract. You can opt to pipe or just spoon on the mixture on your strawberries. Then garnish your strawberries delights with a few blueberries each.

Flag Fruit Dessert
Flag Fruit Desser
Flag Fruit Dessert

A very quick tray of sweets and fruits. For a no mess option that gathers many different items together, this is a personal favorite.

Quick Instructions:
Gather any a few cups of red fruit or sweets, a cup or two of blueberries, and then a few cups of either yogurt or white chocolate pretzels. Find a large tray or pan. Place your blueberries in a bowl and put it in a corner. Stripe your red fruit/sweets with your white pretzels. And you are done!

For even more colorful and fun food ideas, DIY Joy has a great list you can dive into!

Alright Let's get DECORATING!!!

Twisted Paper Star
Twisted Paper Star Ornament
For a great kid craft, and yet one that you can enjoy too, These twisted stars look great no matter the holiday!

Quick Instructions:
Using origami paper or double sided colored paper (in the colors of red/white and blue/white) Cut into an even square, measure from the edges about 1/2 an inch (or how ever much works for the size of paper you use), mark and draw a line on all four sides, repeat this until you have at least three rings and the center square. Cut out the center square, Cut along the lines, but leave two opposite corners still attached, continue with all rings, leaving the same corners attached each ring.
Grab the center corners and glue, flip over grab the second set of corners and glue together flip over again, and glue the remaining corners together. After creating 5, glue them together. Lastly if you wish to hang, glue a string to one of the tips of your star. If you wish to place on the table, you are finished.

Lia also includes instructions on how to make the solid star.

Ribbon Flag Banner
Ribbon Flag Banner
Ribbon Flag Banner

Do you have a lot of left over ribbon that you want to use? This is a cute and quick idea for either a yard decoration or for, my personal favorite, your front door!

Quick Instructions:
 Items you need: Various Red and White ribbon/lace of different widths and patterns. A small piece of blue fabric. A stick/dowel, Handing string/white, 50 small white buttons and any other elements you wish to add.
Take the blue piece of fabric and sew on the buttons in an alternating fashion (you know, like the stars are on our flag) Decorate edges if desired. Attach the blue cloth/fabric to the dowel (leaving space at the edge for your hanging string. Cut your ribbon/lace to the desired length (you can choose to be proportionate to your blue cloth, or super impose). Arrange the red and white lace and ribbon (you don't have to be super specific, but grouping helps define the "stripe" better) Secure your "stripes" to the dowel, You may choose to attach some to the end of your blue fabric, or you can let the cloth hang in front of the ribbons.
Decorate the top of the dowel if desired, or you can leave it as is. Attach your hanging string, and enjoy!

Lantern Umbrella Decor
Lantern Umbrella Decor

This is a quick thing, that only requires you to buy the lanterns and put them together!
Sorry, I do not have a link with further information, as this is inspired by a Pinterest Pin which doesn't link anything relevant.

Quick Instructions:
Gather as many different sized red, white and blue paper round lanterns. Open them up and string them to the underside of your table umbrella. Tying the lanterns to the spokes of the umbrella in different points adds more interest, also vary the lengths of the string, is great too (just make sure that they aren't too low to interfere with gathering the food or people sitting around the table).
A cute variant would be if you chose a lantern that you could add a tea light inside, or even add a string of lights will add a nice atmosphere for when it gets dark, and still let you view the items on the table without bright lights which might overpower those pretty fireworks!

On a serious note:
I would like to remind everyone to be cautious and aware that not every one likes fireworks! Many dogs are terrified and frightened by the noises of the works. Make sure they have a "safe" place to retreat to. Do not interfere with them if they seem edgy, allow them to retreat!
Also babies are frightened as well, use caution when babies are near the fire works.
Lastly, for your own safety, use proper gear and preparations if you are setting off your own fireworks near home.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Holiday and their three-day weekend!

Happy 4th Everyone!

Introducing Thayer Coggin!

We are forever expanding out products here at Carolina Rustica! Our web team is always adding new products, new manufacturers and on-floor clearance items.

Join us in welcoming
Thayer Coggin is a beautiful and classic contemporary brand. Their design philosophy is embodied by such luminaries as Milo Baughman, one of the leading modern furniture designers of the second-half of the 20th century. Thayer Coggin is located an hour away from our showroom in High Point, NC and we have extensive hands-on experience with recommending specific pieces and fabrics from this wonderful manufacturer. Each piece is upholstered by a single craftsman, they do not employ an assembly-line technique for their upholstery, this not only leads to a higher standard of quality, but also a much more personal touch to every sofa, every sectional, every chair. It's being specifically created just for you.

Take a peek at a few of their items, and I know you'll want more so click here to look at their whole line!

And for more products to explore ... Here are our

Weekly Hot Product Picks
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American Drew
Cherry Grove
45th Anniversary
Corner China

Ambella Home
Scrolled Metal
Dining Table - 120 in.


Moonlight Bay
Officer's Chest

Summer Sales Starting to Sizzle!

I know many of you are getting ready for those cook-outs,family gatherings, water fights and munching down on some juicy watermelon... but all those people are still going to have to step into your house at some point, why not make them jealous with some gorgeous new lighting?

Starting up the Summer are our lighting sales! Most of them started June 1st ... but don't wait unil they are over to look into these awesome sales!

Savoy House Ceiling Fans
Until June 30th


And.... our
  Weekly Hot Product Picks

American Drew
Cherry Grove 
45th Anniversary
 Mansion King Bed
(6 - Shares)

Aspen Home
Door Bookcase
(17 - Shares)

Sofa Table
(6 - Shares)

Penshell Box With Handle
(7 - Shares)

June Sales Lighting up the Summer!

Summer sales are starting to heat up the place around there! Another round of lighting to light up your house with:

These sales end the 30th, so start browsing today and grab those sales!

Also coming at you this week are our
Weekly Hot Product Picks

Tommy Bahama 
Island Traditions 
Middleton Round Lamp Table

Swivel Counter Stool - Set of 2

Callington Writing Desk

Remember, you help put these items here! Start clicking, sharing and spreading the word of your favorite products, and they just might show up here!!!

Memorial Sales 2015!

Alright people lets get this show on the road!

First up we have our Lighting and Ceiling Fan Sales!

Savoy House May 2015 Sale - 15% Off

Rounding out the middle-end of this month are the Furniture Sales!
Check out this great sale:

Oh and here are last week's
Hot Product Picks

Cypress Grove
Queen Wood Panel Bed

Aspen Home
Queen Panel Storage Bed in Eggshell

Wall Sconce - French Iron

Coffee Table